Fans are sorry instead of “Sir” Morgan deserves a better landing

Fans are sorry instead of “Sir” Morgan deserves a better landing


2023-02-19 00:15:04

After an impressive performance that closed the 5th week of the LCK Spring 2023 group stage, thousands of fans had to regret when Morgan had to go to BRO.

“Sir” Morgan made the chat channel explode

BRO just closed week 5 at the 2023 League of Legends LCK Spring Championship with a beautiful victory over KDF.

All 3 top lane BRO visual games always leave a strong impression. However, the game played by KDF made BRO lose game 1.

In game 2, after the dragon fight lost, all 4 members of KDF rushed to attack the main house’s tower. Thought the game would end with a 2-0 victory for KDF.

But Ru-han spoke with Umti’s support to bring back Quadra kill to reverse the situation of eating Baron and the thousand-year-old dragon. Even by the end of game 2 with Gnar he was able to solokill the enemy AD carry.

In game 3, the ambition to win with BRO increased dramatically. Understanding that, he accepted to sacrifice advantages for himself, giving up soldiers and turrets to move to create mutations to bring advantages to BRO.

Fans regret instead "Mr." Morgan deserves a better landing 2

While DUDU specializes in split pushing, Morgan has a total fight and it is the advantage over people with the same great endurance that helps bring the victory to BRO.

Mr. Park’s amazing speeches have made fans regret in the hope that next season Morgan will return to a better destination. Follow TinhayVIP to update more news.

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