Fans confused with One Piece ending spoiler: Im-sama and Joyboy are brothers – Luffy returns to the past?

Fans confused with One Piece ending spoiler: Im-sama and Joyboy are brothers – Luffy returns to the past?

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2023-01-28 13:53:40

The following One Piece ending spoiler information, although the authenticity is unknown, has surprised the global OP fan community by its madness and charm: Im-sama and Joyboy are brothers, Akainu join the navy because [SPOILER]Luffy goes back to the past and erases the Devil Fruit and countless other “phantom” information!

One Piece manga ending spoiler revealed

At the end of January 2023, a Reddit user named “gohdroger” surprised One Piece fans worldwide with an informative post “leaking the ending of One Piece”. Accordingly, this user said that what he wrote was only his personal opinion, not really a spoiler. However, the “hypotheses” that gohdroger have gained trust from the community because of the “crazy” they bring.

According to gohdroger, Luffy will meet Joyboy – aka Dyras. For some unknown reason, Luffy will apologize to Joyboy. This apology will be the key to unlocking an important mystery in the world of One Piece. Meanwhile, Im-sama, an important person in world history, will pursue Shanks to possess Luffy’s straw hat.

Around One Piece chapter 1100, Luffy will time travel to the past 900 years and 9 months and meet the two brothers. Luffy, Franky and Bonney’s Devil Fruits will work together to create it. If you’re wondering “how does Franky have a Devil Fruit”, he got Kuma’s fruit after he passed away.

The two brothers that Luffy met include brother is Crown Prince Im and younger brother is Prince Dyras. Dyras is known as “monkey” and Im-sama is considered a wise man by everyone. It was Im who secretly cooperated with 20 countries to stage a coup to usurp the throne when he learned that his father was planning to hand power to Dyras.

The origin of the Devil Fruit is also revealed. Accordingly, 4 original fruits include: Sun God, Spirit, Earth God and Rain God. Dragon is the holder of the Rain God Devil Fruit. The Earth God Devil Fruit holder is Im-sama’s ally. Other Devil Fruits were then created from people’s desires. Someone yearning for the power to destroy them all, Yami Yami No Mi was born. The four possessors of the original four Devil Fruits came together against the owner of Yami Yami No Mi.

gohdroger believes that Blackbeard possesses many Devil Fruits because he has many hearts.

The story of Akainu and the Ancient Weapons is also revealed. Akainu used to live with her mother. They are often robbed and exploited by those around them. Akainu stole from others but was betrayed and they killed his mother. Akainu then resolves to do justice to kill the perpetrators (this part is rather vague and confusing, Lag tried to put it as close as possible).

one piece ending spoiler

Blackbeard and Shanks will go head to head and a lot of people will lie down. Luffy will then confront Blackbeard in the dream world. Blackbeard lost the battle and fell into an eternal sleep.

Enel will return to Earth and meet Luffy and Dragon. The entire Straw Hat crew then went to Rockstar. Here, they see Im-sama’s appearance.

Vegapunk put his consciousness on some device to help Dragon.

In the final events, Luffy ended the existence of the Devil Fruit. Luffy also lost his Nika fruit. He tried to swim but sank.

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Fans are confused about One Piece’s ending spoiler

one piece manga ends

All of the above sounds crazy, right? However, the more “crazy” a theory is, the more people believe it. Besides, gohdroger has also posted quite believable content, so this person’s spoiler has a basis for people to believe. Some even think that gohdroger is a close friend of One Piece manga author – “Saint” Eiichiro Oda. Many other opinions say that this is just a fantasy and it is difficult to come true.

This theory is based on many other popular theories.

I don’t know, but I love Blackbeard vs Shanks.

It’s just a headcanon, don’t believe it too much.

One Piece is so real, so virtual.

Play less, sir.

According to the author’s plan, the One Piece manga will soon end around 2025. Do you think the above “One Piece ending spoiler information” will come true? How do you think One Piece will end? Please leave a comment so we can chat together.

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