Fans rate 5 League of Legends champions released by Riot in 2022

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2023-01-25 02:55:17

Ending a year with Riot’s many creative efforts when releasing 5 new League of Legends champions, the fan reviews were not very positive.

Looking back at the 5 champions of League of Legends 2022


The sniper embodiment of this joy since her debut until now has received a lot of negative feedback. Many fans think that Riot is trying to change the gunner play, but Nilah has lost the quality of this position.

Up to now, the rate of choosing her is only 2.6%. Many fans claim that Nilah has a difficult gameplay, less ability to combine well, not suitable for the plot, etc. In addition, Nilah is used as an assassin, fighter or combat champion rather than ADC.

League of Legends champion Zeri

When lightning was first released, Zaun was said to be too strong, too weird, too difficult to play, etc. But after many modifications, Zeri has become a hot meta. She even owns the highest rate of eating Penta.

League of Legends champion Zeri

Despite possessing a difficult directional skill set, the recent series of large and small tournaments with Zeri and support buffs like Lulu have become the best pairing in the bot lane. This is said to be the most stable League of Legends champion in 2022.


Nazumah’s pride was criticized a lot because fans thought that Riot was cramming LGBT elements into League of Legends. Not only that, it also possesses a skill set that seems to be the synthesis of the early generals.

K’Sante was voted by gamers as the most flawed general in 2022 because of his resistance like a tanker, great damage like a gladiator, mobility like an assassin and compatibility with a new series of equipment.

K'Sante general LOL

However, K’Sante is used by many gamers because of the new gameplay for the top lane and even supports opening fights with the ability to rush in and click well. Recently it has also become a hot pick in tournaments.


The Queen of the Void is highly expected because of the super plot and new shape. But when it was released, gamers could not help but be disappointed because the gameplay was too alum compared to the description in the plot.

Bel'Veth League of Legends

Up to now, the appearance of this general has not been too much or even left a special impression, making fans feel bored.

Renata Glasc

The boss of Zaun is appreciated for his good mutation skill set in page delivery from Handshakes, Salvation or Mad Compound all becoming an advantage in combat.

Renata Glasc

Almost every tournament has the presence of this League of Legends champion. However, with a cool plot, and Riot invested in her own perfume page, the fact that the boss went to support made fans quite disappointed.

Above are the evaluations of 5 League of Legends champions released in 2022. Fans and TinhayVIP are looking forward to Riot’s breakthrough in 2023 in terms of champion development and modification.

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