Female streamer revealed the story of being ‘sexed’ when participating in a TV gameshow

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2021-12-27 06:56:46

The female streamer from Taiwan was extremely upset with the painful realities behind the halo of the entertainment industry.

At the present time, the streamer’s encroachment into the entertainment market is no longer a rare phenomenon, in Vietnam, we have also witnessed the presence of PewPew, ViruSs, Misthy, etc. Linh Ngoc Dam … on hit TV gameshows, and in the world as a whole, the most typical is still Faker (professional player and streamer) – The name is so familiar in the Korean entertainment industry, even though he operates mainly in the field of Esports.

However, behind the aura of that rapid popularity, there are still many hidden corners, especially for female streamers – Objects considered easy to become victims of sexism or harassment puppets in the entertainment industry. Recently, Beryl – A female streamer currently operating in Taiwan, has spoken out to expose the dark sides of TV shows, especially for “content creators” when they encroach on this field.

Beryl is a pretty famous streamer in Taiwan with 200,000 followers on Facebook Fanpage

She said that some of the common problems when female streamers participate in gameshows are being scorned by the producer or having harassing behavior, even “blatant solicitation”.

“Once upon a time, a few Gameshow Producers suggested to me that they would not pay me for my broadcast, but in return they would compensate me with… ‘love’, asking me to have sex. and then they’ll promote me as a celebrity in the entertainment world.” – Beryl reminisces – “Of course, I asked my manager to flatly decline this offer.


Initially, I would not react much to such solicitations, but the reality is that there are many TV shows that express contempt for streamers, even though they have invited us to join to chat. pull the number of views for your program. Recently, a Producer even misspelled my stage name in promotional publications without even correcting it. I feel offended by that contempt.”

In fact, Beryl’s stories do not surprise the fan community, because sexual harassment of women is also a painful story in the entertainment industry in any country. Not only that, as the female streamer shared, although famous characters in the field of content creators are now becoming “view fishing rods” of TV gameshows, they are often not treated equally because “industry insiders”, because of a perception that streamers are not considered artists, are not qualified to be artists and therefore cannot be treated on an equal footing with real artists.





Beryl’s eye-catching images

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