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2021-12-21 15:33:12

Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster If talking about the most forgotten game in the series Final Fantasy then we must mention Final Fantasy DRAW.

This game was not released in the international market when it was first released, it was sandwiched between two powerful games, Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI.

Incredibly, when this game was released by Square Enix (then Squaresoft) on PS1 in 1999, in that same month, its brother Final Fantasy VIII “pressing” always.

Consequently, despite possessing a career system that is still praised to this day, Final Fantasy DRAW have never found a large fan base like the games Final Fantasy is different.

However, the game still has a certain amount of loyal fans, with the annual competition “Four Job Fiesta”, where players are randomly assigned 4 jobs and they will have to complete Final Fantasy DRAW by those 4 occupations, and only those 4 occupations.

Whether Final Fantasy DRAW Pixel Remaster help this game get what it deserves? Let’s find out with through the following review.


The plot is light, simple but nostalgic

Along with the outstanding development of the graphics platform, it seems that the story line of JRPG games in general and Final Fantasy in particular becomes increasingly complex, with a world with a rich history, along with characters whose development lines are increasingly confusing.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes it feels like the developers are trying too hard to make the plot unremarkable, and the result is a hot pot of mixed results. .

Typically as Final Fantasy XIII, just got wet feet into the game, “oh my god”, the player was suffocated by tons of new terms, l’Cie, fal’Cie, Cie’th, Cocoon… all sorts of things that made her dizzy. dizzy!

If you are fed up with cumbersome writing style, or just need to be “nostalgic”, then Final Fantasy DRAW is an excellent choice. With no complicated anti-hero protagonists, no last-minute plot twists, the plot of Final Fantasy DRAW Very straightforward, clear and simple.

The game begins with Princess Lenna and King Tycoon saying goodbye to each other when King Tycoon feels that the wind is weakening, and he needs to fly to the Orb of the Wind God to check if there is a problem, signaling a the coming storm.

Not long after that, a huge meteorite fell near Tycoon, and when the main character Bartz came to investigate, he met the amnesiac old man Galuf and Princess Lenna. And so, with the pirate girl Faris joining the party not long after, the journey to protect the Gems begins…

There are no cumbersome past narrative phases, there are not as many “drama” as its predecessor Final Fantasy IV or the next brother Final Fantasy VI, the story line of Final Fantasy DRAW simply the adventures of friends across the worlds, with their warm friendship as the fulcrum for them to save the world.

Perhaps, this storyline will be considered too simple and predictable by current standards, but when playing (again) Final Fantasy DRAW In the Pixel Remaster version, the writer couldn’t help but have a warm, comforting feeling of nostalgia, and somehow really immersed himself in the adventures of the guy Bartz, riding a dragon and riding a black chocobo to roam the lands. new land.

Although simple, but the plot of Final Fantasy DRAW there is no shortage of funny moments, or emotional moments, such as when a character fights with the final boss … please allow me to omit the spoilers before the content.

the story line of Final Fantasy DRAW merely the adventures of friends across the worlds, with warm friendship as fulcrum

Famous career system

Highlights of Final Fantasy DRAW Not a top-notch storyline, but an extremely diverse job system, giving players a level of customization unmatched in the history of the series. Final Fantasy.

In Final Fantasy V, Each character will initially start with a job… Freelancer, then when the player finds the magic gems they will “unlock” more careers.

The peculiarity here is that the player can completely optionally change the profession of a character at any time, and each profession will have its own rank and experience points, different from the rank of that character.

What is special here? Each profession will have a fixed skill and an empty box. When characters upgrade a job, they learn new skills that can be inserted into that slot, and skills of one job that can be inserted into another’s slot.

That is, with a large number of occupations (22), and the number of skills blank for each job can be very large, players can arbitrarily assemble skills to create characters with unique skill sets. unique and appropriate for all situations.

For example, you can create a knight (Knight) but know how to shoot Black Magic, or a White Mage that does not hold a wand to heal but can use bare hands … to break the enemy’s mouth, or a Black Mage with Dualcast from the Red Mage job to continuously “feed” Flare to boss monsters.

Not only that, when a character has reached the maximum level for a job, their Freelancer job will automatically use that job’s support skill without having to put that skill in the blank (and Freelancer). has no fixed skill and has 2 empty slots).

This makes customization even more powerful as players max out for multiple jobs, and with a little creativity they can create crazy combos, such as the famous Spellblade – Dual Wield – Rapid Fire.

There are no constraints other than some slight fluctuations in stats between characters, and which strategy to use to fight boss monsters completely depends on your creativity and crafting ability, making Combat never becomes boring, spoiled for players to experiment.

When it comes to combat mechanics, there isn’t too much to say when Final Fantasy DRAW utilizes an ATB system that has been smooth sailing for longtime fans, providing “turn-based” battles that are still thrilling and tense as you align each ATB bar to battle boss monsters.

Unfortunately, it looks like 4 occupations have been added to the version Final Fantasy V Advance on GBA – Necromancer, Cannoneer, Oracle and Gladiator – not available at the moment, hopefully Square Enix will update more in the future.

Highlights of Final Fantasy DRAW It’s not a top story, but an extremely diverse job system

In tune with the new era, but without losing the old roots

Reality, Final Fantasy DRAW was moved to Steam quite a while ago, but is an upgraded version of the graphics that can’t be more industrial, invisible in general, and has lost some of its artistry 29 years ago.

Anyway, with such an old game, unless Square Enix decides to do it over and over again Final Fantasy VII Remake, then half-baked upgrades like the old Steam version just make the game a mess, the classic is nowhere and the modern is not up to the mark.

Maybe Square Enix realized this too and made the series Pixel Remaster, where the character models, monster models are very closely followed the original version, maybe add a little border to make it bolder.

Sticking to the original version, along with a number of improvements such as increased resolution, increased fps, added water ripple, added shadow effect for leaves… etc. Final Fantasy DRAW really captures the artistic intent of the game designers 29 years ago, and still feels fresh and modern.

Play Final Fantasy DRAW copy Pixel Remaster makes players feel that this is not an old game, but a modern game made in a classic style.

That’s not to mention upgrades such as an auto-save mode that keeps players from losing their progress, the “Bestiary” – basically a place to store the monsters encountered, and the in-game music player.

Final Fantasy DRAW really captures the artistic intent of the game designers 29 years ago, and still feels fresh and modern.

Timeless music

Nobuo Uematsu is known as the “Beethoven of the gaming village”, and Final Fantasy DRAW demonstrated his ability with classics such as Battle of the Big Bridge nice Home, Sweet Home.

Not only that, all the songs are recorded in the form of a complete symphony with very high sound quality, showing the focus of the sound team in preserving and upgrading the music. Uematsu’s famous.


Final Fantasy DRAW

Remnants of an old generation

What they say, Final Fantasy DRAW It’s still essentially a game that came out almost 30 years ago, and inside there are still many remnants of a generation of JRPGs built on limited machines (compared to modern times).

Random encounters are much better than Final Fantasy III, but the frequency is still quite dense and there is no “random encounter off” mode like normal adaptations have. The game also requires players to move around a lot without “fast movement” or speeding up, so this can be frustrating for new players.

The map of Final Fantasy DRAW is relatively broad, and the game doesn’t tell the player how to continue the story line, and the player is forced to find his or her own way through conversing with characters in villages and cities. .

For those who are used to the classic JRPG series, this is actually very good because it gives us a real sense of adventure, adventure with our own feet, not having to follow a set route. available.

However, for uninitiated players Final Fantasy DRAW It’s extremely easy to get lost, and the player can have to fumble for hours to get through the plot. If they are not careful, they can get lost in a place with a very strong monster, easily “fanning” the whole team in a split second.

The game is also relatively difficult with many really “monster” boss monsters, and requires players to plow, not only to level up, but also to plow experience points for each job.

Final Fantasy DRAW inside there are still many remnants of a generation of JRPGs built on limited machines

Final Fantasy DRAW

Quirky font!

I don’t quite understand what Square Enix’s decision was to include a “oh my god” font in the game, which is both difficult to read and not aesthetically pleasing (pictured above).

Fortunately, due to the nature of playing on PC, the writer can easily mod the font into a much more beautiful and suitable font, as shown below:

Final Fantasy DRAW

However, users of iOS and Android, and later possibly PS4, PS5 or Switch, will have to “suffer” with this font.

I don’t quite understand what Square Enix’s decision was to put a “oh my god” font in the game, which is both difficult to read and not aesthetically pleasing.

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