Fire Emblem Engage – Worthy to be the End Game of the Moc De brand

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2023-01-24 15:13:52

If before, Marvel has made movie fans admire with extremely epic battles, along with a large number of heroes gathered. Now it’s the turn of the fans of the Moc De series to be treated to a party with the presence of many heroes from ancient times of this series in the Fire Emblem Engage version.

Fire Emblem Engage, although it only edits small details, is still enough to make the game much more attractive

Even if you are not a long-time fan of the Moc De series, Fire Emblem Engage is still a game worth experiencing because when you come to the game you will be treated to an attractive storyline, interesting, although the progress is a bit slow at first, there is only one story line instead of many branches like in Fate and Three Houses but once you get to the last 10 levels, everything is shown very well. many knots. And don’t worry about not being able to make it to the end because the game’s core gameplay includes a deeply customizable character class system and engaging battles that will make you forget everything in no time. .

Fire Emblem Engage begins with you (the game’s protagonist) teaming up with your teammates to defeat the Fell Dragon (an evil dragon). Everything seems to end here, then suddenly you wake up in another place with no memory in your head. At this point you are just beginning to learn more about your best friend’s background to know that you are still a mother, but the most important thing here is that you are not an ordinary person but a Divine Dragon, the divine dragons. has the ability to harness the infinite power of heroes from other dimensions and times through the Emblem Rings. Your awakening is no coincidence, and your reunion with your lost mother quickly turns tragic, as your stronghold is attacked by Fell Dragon hordes. In an effort to protect you and the current Divine Dragon rings (your mother) died. At this time, both to avenge and carry out the task of sealing the evil dragon, you and your teammates decide to set out to find the lost rings and rescue innocent people who are being awakened. Fell Dragon’s dangerous.

For many people, the context of Fire Emblem Engage is nothing too new or more straightforward than has been used a lot in countless other games of the rustic game series, let alone other games. But the game cleverly built a diverse cast of characters and used the support conversations feature to let us easily follow and learn about them after a long time together. Here the game has a small minus point is that the characters in Engage don’t have as much depth as the students in Three Houses, but they are still portrayed much better compared to Fates. That is reflected in the segments when an energetic guy like Etie also has moments of emotional experience. In addition to the fact that the game remains true to the tradition of the Moc De series before, the characters you can control are all built in depth with many different personalities, life goals and personalities. If you remove the fact that these characters are easy to trust (as long as you stand up and admit that they are gods, they will immediately believe them), they are the spices that make the main journey of the game interesting and attractive. more. Understanding the characters you control is very important in this new game, as the characters’ personalities also greatly affect their skills. For example we have an introverted female knight then if in battle if we leave her alone and do nothing, her resistance will automatically increase.

Fire Emblem Engage

The map in Fire Emblem Engage is very well designed

As for the gameplay, many of you can say that Fire Emblem Engage looks no different from the previous parts or even harder to hear, this is just an old bottle, new wine only. But when you taste this wine, you will be drunk or addicted to it at any time. First about the maps in this new part are very well designed with varied terrain from, challenging enemy layout. From battles where you have to deal alone with countless enemies in the middle of the night in a cold swamp area to confronting enemies in the middle of a burning village, each level brings a very different feeling. is different. Not to mention that if you play on hard mode while also activating Classic Mode (where every death means eternity), the main goal line “Defeat the leader” is not easy to achieve if you do not know the capacity of the members you bring and do not know certain tricks. Many of you may think that Fire Emblem Engage even when playing the most difficult mode is still very easy, so just try to follow the main task and do not plow much, then you will see that the game has no loss of difficulty. less than the traditional versions. In addition to the traditional elements, Engage gives fans a new feature that is the Emblem Rings, each of which is associated with a hero (the main character of the previous games). Ike, Leif, Marth, etc. Characters equipped with these rings, in addition to adding stat points, they are also equipped with more weapons and special attacks and skills with abilities. Change the whole game if used at the right time. Not only that, these Emblems also have the ability to teach the characters who work with them special skills or even the ability to use weapons that turn the character class system in Fire Emblem Engage into a unique character. Much more flexible than previous versions. You will easily equip any character with many skills from many heroes, even different character classes until now, I still diligently plow points to upgrade my favorite characters.

The Fire Emblem Engage also has an innovation that I absolutely welcome, musically. Most of the Moc De games use only one music and only change when you change the character or there is a big plot development. In Engage you will be exposed to a variety of music evenly distributed for each area of ​​the game, and depending on the emotional circuit as well as the situation, we will hear songs of very good quality.

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