Former teammates reveal SofM’s future in the professional League of Legends arena

Former teammates reveal SofM’s future in the professional League of Legends arena

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2023-03-18 23:29:19

Angel – SofM’s former teammate has just shared his thoughts on his friend’s career on a livestream, making listeners excited.

It can be said that SofM is the most famous LoL player in Vietnam. Not only has he left a mark in the hearts of domestic fans, but he is also the most successful “overseas” player that the Vietnamese professional League of Legends scene has produced.

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    During the 2023 LPL Spring Split, he decided to return to Vietnam with his personal projects. This return makes many people guess that SofM will join a VCS team as a player, analyst, coach, etc.

    But up to this point, SofM is still only working as a streamer and has never shared any plans to join any team at VCS. He also did not reveal his plan to “comeback” LPL Summer 2023.

    And recently, SofM’s close friend and former teammate at Suning and Weibo Gaming – Angel made people stir up with his surprising sharing about the career of the “Game King” of the Vietnamese gaming village.

    Angel shared on the livestream as follows: “Last time we talked, a Vietnamese friend (SofM) said that he doesn’t know himself very well. Looking at his appearance, I think there’s a high chance he’ll stop playing.

    Of course, that’s his own decision. Maybe it depends on the life situation in Vietnam. I think he should learn something, not to really learn, but to experience life, to enjoy it. I am very curious about his life in Vietnam, how is it? Hope he can do a vlog about daily life.

    What does he usually do? Won’t play games every day like before? It just feels like he has nothing to do except play games every day. Every day he plays different games.

    Vacation to travel to Vietnam? Be careful huh? It sounds scary, but it’s okay, don’t worry, if anyone tries to talk to me, I’ll read your password, SofM, other people won’t dare to do anything to me.”

    These interesting sharing of Angel made many Chinese fans laugh. Many people are also curious if SofM retires, what will SofM do?. The decision to stop playing League of Legends should still wait for Duy Cau Giay to confirm.

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