FPI investigates and wants “5 stars” Lapsus $ hacking group after GTA 6 leak

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2022-09-23 04:24:58

Lapsus $ will definitely be wanted at “5 stars” after the GTA VI leak.

Gameplay leaks GTA 6 recently turned out to be one of the biggest leaks in game history. One thing is for sure, Rockstar wanted to find the culprit who caused the attack that caused great damage to the company. Currently, the FBI has investigated and clarified the above cyber attack.

Last weekend, the parent company Take-Two Interactive of the Rockstar Games encountered a major security breach, resulting in the gameplay of GTA 6 leaked online for hours on end. Rockstar confirmed shortly after that this was content as well as improvements being developed by the company itself, making it one of the biggest game leaks since the incident. The Last of Us 2 in 2020.

Meanwhile, Uber also reported a security breach in which a hacker gained access to an employee’s account. The hackers gained access by trying to log into ‘s account Uber. The account is protected with two-factor authentication, except Uber accepted one of the 2FA requests by mistake, which gave hackers access to the database.

FPI into investigation and wanted "5 stars" Lapsus $ hacking group after GTA 6 leak

Because both Take-Two and Uber are all violated by similar methods, which leads people to believe that the violations are likely committed by the same person or group. Hacking group Lapsus $ be the first suspect Uber “name” in this cyber attack. This is a hacking group that previously broke into systems to extort money from Microsoft , Samsung , Nvidia and several other businesses.

FPI into investigation and wanted "5 stars" Lapsus $ hacking group after GTA 6 leak

Tea Pot”a member of Lapsus $has claimed responsibility for both hacks, as evidenced by the videos being uploaded to an account with rather subtle content.teapotuberhacker“.

Uber have since confirmed that they are working with cyber management companies and FBI to find out “Tea Pot” who. After this attack, Tea Pot threatens to reveal more than just gameplay GTAwhich includes informational documentation about upcoming game features.

FPI into investigation and wanted "5 stars" Lapsus $ hacking group after GTA 6 leak

So far only one document has been confirmed as official, a 105-page piece of paper specifically related to the camera system. GTA 6. Tea Pot has also announced plans to develop, videos and photos of Bully 2another IP of Rockstar.

Last March, 7 members of Lapsus $ were arrested by the London Police after their personal information was revealed by other hackers. One of the members arrested is suspected of being the one behind the nickname Tea Pot. Job FBI joining can make this a much bigger deal for members of the Lapsus $as the punishment can be significantly more severe for those in the group.

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