Free 2 games Call of the Sea and Die Young for PC

Free 2 games Call of the Sea and Die Young for PC

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2023-03-16 10:59:00

The puzzle adventure game Call of the Sea is being given away for free for a week on the Epic Games Store platform, and the survival game Die Young is also being given away for free by Indiegala on International Women’s Day.

Call of the Sea is a puzzle adventure game from a first person perspective. The game is set in the 1930s, putting the player in the role of a woman named Norah on a journey to explore an island in the South Pacific, to find her missing husband after joining the expedition and the antidote. for the mysterious illness that was causing her to slowly die. The game is influenced by games like Firewatch, Soma, and especially the works of HP Lovecraft with puzzle elements embedded in a narrative-driven experience.

Currently, Epic Games Store is giving away the Call of the Sea game for free until 10pm on 16/3/2023. In the international market, the game costs 19.99 USD and the corresponding copper price is 186,000. If interested, quickly follow the instructions of Digital Experience to own the game permanently on the Epic Games Store platform.

Instructions on how to get Call of the Sea game

① First, you must register for an Epic Games account (free) if you do not have one and confirm the registration by email. If you have ever signed up for an Epic Games account to play Fortnite, you can skip this step and use the above account.

② Proceed to log in to your Epic Games account in step ① and then visit the Call of the Sea game page on the Epic Games Store.

Note: Epic Games Store may require you to enable two-factor authentication for your account to receive free games on this platform. Refer to detailed instructions on how to open this feature for Epic Games Store accounts here.

Click Get on the right edge of the screen, easy to see with the word -100% the same price is crossed out next to the word Free right above.

Note: Epic Games Store may require you to agree to an end user agreement as shown below. If this is the case, you must tick I have read and agree with the End User License Agreement then tap Accept To confirm. If you do not agree or click Dismissyou can no longer use the Epic Games Store and no longer receive free games.

Epic Games Store End User Agreement

At the screen Checkoutyou check your order in item Order Summary then choose Place Order. If you receive a notification Thank you for buying is the game that has been updated to the Epic Games Store account.

Free download game Call of the Sea

After completing the above steps, you already own Call of the Sea on the Epic Games Store platform! To play the game, you need to install Epic Games Launcher and install the game from this application similar to the Steam platform.

Unlike the game mentioned above, Die Young is an open world adventure game set on an island in the Mediterranean. Experience the game is the survival adventure of a young girl Daphne after being deceived and kidnapped to this desolate place and then left in a deep well to die. The gameplay of the game mainly revolves around exploring and understanding the plot, requiring the player to find resources and craft to support the experience of exploring on a large 12 km island with many dangers from both nature and nature. this person.

Currently on March 8, the Indiegala digital rights game site is giving away a free DRM-free version of the homegrown game Die Young, developed and published by the platform itself. In the international market, the game costs $ 9.99 and the reference price on Steam is 142 thousand. It’s not clear when the giveaway will last, but it’s likely to be quite short. If you are interested, please follow the instructions of Digital Experience to permanently own the game on Indiegala before the program ends.

Instructions on how to get Die Young game

① You must first register for an Indiegala account (free) if you do not have one and confirm the registration by email. If you have ever purchased games on Indiegala, you can use this account.

Free download game Die Young

② Log in to Indiegala with your verified account, access the Die Young game giveaway page on Indiegala.

Click Scroll down to claim this product on the left side of the screen or scroll down to find the item Download below then tap Add to Library. If you see the Add to Library button change to Added and then continue to change to the download icon and you’re done!

Download free games from Indiegala

Completing the above steps as instructed is that you own Die Young forever on Indiegala! To play the game, you need to download the Indiegala app and install the game from there similar to Steam.

Besides, you can also download Die Young: Prologue if you want to learn the context of this game. This is actually a demo of Die Young before but was removed after the official release of the game. The Prologue version has a duration of about 2 hours with the control character and the experience location completely different from the official version. If you are interested in the plot and want to fully understand it, you should play the Prologue first and then Die Young. If you are more interested in gameplay mechanics, you should play Die Young first.

In particular, the 4-player contract action role-playing game Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is free to play. until March 13, 2023 on the occasion of the 5th anniversary. The game also has an event x3 experience points, which is very useful if you are experiencing the game for the first time.

Dead by Daylight game with 4v1 multiplayer is also free to play until March 13, 2023 on the occasion of the release of the new content chapter Tools of Torment.

Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight

Behavior Interactive Inc.


The ambitious Total War: Warhammer III strategy game is also free to play 23 o’clock on 13/3/2023.


CREATIVE ASSEMBLY, Feral Interactive


Also a strategy game, but Dungeon Defenders: Awakened with tower defense gameplay also contributed to the fun this weekend when it was free to play. until 1 o’clock on March 14, 2023. Refer to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened game review.

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened
Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

Chromatic Games


The construction and city management simulation game Frostpunk is also having fun this weekend until March 13, 2023. Refer to the review game Frostpunk.

And yet, the multiplayer tactical shooter with 5v5 PvP gameplay is also free to play until 19:00 on 16/3/2023 on all platforms.

Note: Unlike a free giveaway that allows you to own the game, playing for free is the opposite and is like a demo or trial but without content restrictions. During the free play period often called Free Play or Free Weekend, you can experience a ‘full game’ but cannot continue playing after the program ends. However, you can still keep the save game during the free play period and can continue to experience it with that save game if you pay for the game. Free games often come with game discounts, so don’t miss this opportunity.


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