Free 4 games Trench, Omaku, Track Racing Battle Simulator and Lost World for PC

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2022-09-22 12:30:16

Four attractive indie games The Trench, Omaku, Track Racing Battle Simulator and The Lost World are being given away for free by developers on the platform.

While the Epic Games Store spends a lot of money giving users free games every week, small-scale indie developers are equally generous with lightly entertaining minigames. Although these games are not cared for in terms of graphics, they are still highly artistic, possessing creative gameplay with a short duration. Most don’t require huge configuration and are quite friendly with old PCs from a few years to a decade using onboard graphics.

The Trench

A first-person horror experience not for the faint of heart, letting you play as the submarine commander Pandora as she explores a submerged moat on the ocean floor discovered after an earthquake in the Pacific Ocean. Your mission is to recover the data in the accident involving the Neptune submarine. According to the developer, the game is inspired by the stories of writer HP Lovecraft and the movie Cloverfield.

The Trench has an original price of $4.99 on the platform. Free Giveaway Time until 14 o’clock on September 18, 2022


Experience the top-down action-adventure, taking players to explore the vast interconnected world. Everything is quite mysterious and the game experience is quite challenging because there are no hints or just hand-holding like the current design trend.

Omaku has a base price of 1 USD on the platform. Free Giveaway Time until 4 o’clock on September 20, 2022

Track Racing Battle Simulator

Experience racing simulation with cute low-poly graphic style. The game has 8 car models and 9 tracks to choose from, along with a number of different game modes. The game has an original price of only 1.40USD on the platform. Free Giveaway Time until 4 o’clock on September 21, 2022.

The Lost World

Experience survival with lovely colorful low-poly graphics, bringing players back to drift down to an alien planet with islets floating in the air. Armed with jetpacks, players must explore new worlds and learn how to craft tools and weapons to survive in the harsh conditions of this planet. You can fly to the islands mentioned above to gather resources, but hunger and dangerous creatures are always waiting to see you off.

The Lost World has an original price of $4.99 on the platform. Free Giveaway Time until 19:00 on September 22, 2022

If interested, please follow the instructions of Digital Experience to own them permanently on the platform.

Instructions on how to get the game

① You must first register for an account (free) if you do not have one and confirm your registration by email. If so, skip this step.

② Visit the developer’s The Trench game page on

③ Tap the button Download or claim showing the text On Sale! 100% Off next to the price is crossed out.

At the window Buy ‘The Trench’ you have two options. If you just want to get the game for free then click No thanks, just take me to the downloads then don’t forget to press the . button again Claim red in the next window is done. You have owned The Trench forever on

Or if you want to support the developer any amount, click Pay with PayPal or Pay with Card corresponding to the payment method you want to use.

⑤ Continue to repeat steps ②, ③ and ④ for Omaku, Track Racing Battle Simulator, and The Lost World games. You already own all 4 games on

To download the game, go to My Library of the account on the website and go to My Purchases Find the game or use the search bar Search for games for creators on the same screen.

● You can also open the game page and pay attention to the notification box You own this game and show the button Download then click on it to go to the corresponding game download page. Select the version (platform) to download and click the . button Download red to download the installer like on or any DRM-free game.

Don’t forget Epic Games Store is giving away 2 very good Spirit of the North and The Captain games for free until 22:00 on September 22, 2022 along with some games that are free to play on the Steam platform.

In particular, the fan-made project that turns Half-Life 2 into a virtual reality experience is in beta testing. If you own the game Half-Life 2 on the Steam platform and a SteamVR-compatible VR headset, don’t miss it.

Half-Life 2: VR Mod
Half-Life 2: VR Mod

Source VR Mod Team


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