Full set of latest Myth W codes 1/2023

Full set of latest Myth W codes 1/2023


Let’s immediately discover the attractive giftcode series of the game Myth W to receive attractive items such as Mithrill, Coins, Scrolls, Gems, Hero Profiles…

Article table of contents

  • Synthesize Myth W code
    • Code Myth W available
    • Code Myth W has expired
  • How to receive gifts from giftcode Myth W
  • About Myth W
    • The plot of the game
    • Some attractive elements of Myth W

Synthesize Myth W code

Below is the entire Myth W code that Quantrimang collected. Include:

Code Myth W available

These are game codes that players can enlist to enter and receive valuable gifts.

  • springspring
  • eve
  • MythM888
  • weekend
  • mythcdk
  • myth666
  • vip666
  • mythcdk
  • happy2023
  • code888
  • ssr888
  • code666
  • lv365

Code Myth W has expired

In addition to the above available giftcodes, players also need to pay attention to the expired codes below to avoid entering wrongly, wasting time without receiving gifts.

  • Supreme
  • zhaoge
  • shenhua
  • halloween888

How to receive gifts from giftcode Myth W

If you do not know how to enter the code and receive the gift, here is a guide for you

  • Access the Myth W game on your mobile device.
  • Complete the beginner’s guide if you’re new to the game.
  • Click on the Avatar icon in the top left corner of the main interface.
  • Select the Giftcode item.
  • Enter the game code in the new box that appears, then click Redeem.
  • Go back to the main interface, click on the mail and collect the items you received thanks to the game code.

About Myth W

The plot of the game

The world has experienced many times of division and unification, leading to the unstable order of the Three Realms, in which riots have suddenly broken out… No matter who you are, Fairy, Fan or Demon must have affected by this chaos.

With a mixture of fantasy and mythology, a new prehistoric world is built where you can experience RPG adventures and immerse yourself in hundreds of storylines. In addition, there are brand new dungeons for you to challenge, like the prehistoric trail, the guild contest, and the light and dark battle. You, as the chosen one, were sent to this turbulent age to bring peace to the Three Realms.

Some attractive elements of Myth W

  • Adjust the formation according to your different classes of champions, to bring out their full potential, especially when launching the ultimate to capture the enemy.
  • In your journey to the Three Realms, you will be accompanied by many heroes from different factions, helping you get more fun from many different matches.
  • Even offline, you can get autoplay output from upgrade materials, giving you more time to explore the Three Realms.
  • Zodiac will transform into a Dragon God that hovers in the sky, giving your team great stats and unleashing powerful skills to ensure victory in battles.

Hopefully with the giftcode introduced by Quantrimang, you will have interesting experiences with this game.

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