GAM Esports revealed the reason for the early summer choke and the Visa situation of Levi and JackieWind

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2022-09-23 08:40:18

According to the disclosure from Izumin and TK Nguyen, the remaining 2 members of GAM Esports, Coach JackieWind and Levi, have the ability to apply for Visa successfully.

Yesterday, GAM Esports announced that Kiaya and Kati “passed” Visa made many fans happy. At the same time, this team also said that 6 out of 8 members of GAM had a visa to go to the US.

Until today, in the talk show with BLV Hoang Luan, the couple TK Nguyen and Izumin announced more good news for fans.

(Talkshow) GAM just train, visa let TK and Izu take care of it [Hoàng Luân]

According to Izumin, in addition to the 6 members who passed, Coach JackieWind also “can be considered as passed” at the first interview. But due to the lack of some documents, the GAM coach will have to re-interview, after Riot Games sends these documents to GAM, JackieWind is likely to successfully apply for a Visa.

The last GAM player who still doesn’t have a Visa is Levi. But the captain of GAM has played many times in the international arena, even went abroad to play for 100 Thieves in North America, so the possibility of successful Visa application is very high.

GAM revealed that Levi and JackieWind have a very high success rate of Visa application.

In particular, this team also revealed more information about the visa application process, making many fans laugh. In more detail about this story, when waiting in line for an interview for a Visa, the whole team pushed each other first and in the end Elio was the “battle” member.

Besides, the hardest question GAM members get is “How much is the tournament prize money?” Because at the time of the interview, Riot Games itself had not announced the bonus, so GAM members had to “give up”. But this team also revealed that Riot Games’ invitation to attend Worlds 2022 is a very valuable thing, which has helped Kiaya “save” but still successfully apply for a Visa easily.

In addition to the Visa issue, the two leaders of GAM also revealed a lot of interesting information during the last VCS season.

In it, Izumin talked about the members who were “choked” and had a terrible performance at the beginning of the season, coach JackieWind and Kiaya. As for Kiaya, he is said to have had a very serious psychological problem, because in scrims, this player achieved quite good results, but when he competed, he constantly disappointed fans. To solve this problem, Izumin had to talk to Kiaya to solve the psychological problems for the “God of War” to regain his form. After that talk, Kiaya communicated with her teammates more and made an impressive comeback at VCS.

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