Gamers Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG gather to “break the virtual world” in real life

Gamers Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG gather to “break the virtual world” in real life


2023-03-22 08:12:04

After a period of half a year with Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG, the guilds have continuously connected and organized offline so that the Thien Long world is not only perfect in the game but also connected in real life.

Launched in November 2022, Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG is expected to bring a product continue to inherit and promote the quintessence of more than 15 years of Thien Long Bat Bo game series, creating a world of freedom and perfection. It can be seen that, up to the present time, Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG deserves that expectation and has a growing community of gamers every day.

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    Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG

    Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG has become an important bridge to create a diverse community of gamers across 63 provinces. Whether in the game or in real life, players always know how to connect with each other to create a strong and united community.

    Like many other communities, after a suffocating moment in PK matches, the moment of “laying down your weapons” and meeting each other in offline sessions is what attracts a large number of players to participate. At the same time, it is also the support and companion of the game executive board to the guilds.

    Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG
    Gamers from the Ma Giao S3 guild eagerly showed off gifts from Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG

    For the past several months, successive guilds at Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG from the North to the South have held offline guild meetings for brothers to see each other in real life. Not stopping there, the state owners also organize offline inter-server for gamers in the region and province to exchange without having to divide the powerful guild, only the gypsy friendship in the game as well as the compatriotism. , real life brothers. At times like these, the Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG community makes MMORPG gamers admire because of the players’ tolerance and affection for each other.

    Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG
    The Kwai Fong Guild from S3 converges from North to South, making everyone jealous…because it’s too crowded

    The big guilds such as Infinity, S4, Jackfruit Garden S3, Lan Kwai Fong S3, Ma Giao … have continuously had offline times with the full participation of members from North to South. This shows that the offline sessions have contributed to narrowing the gap from online friends who have never met each other to real-life brothers who can meet each other “tea after wine”.

    Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG
    S4 is also crowded from Tuu Lau to cozy parties in real life
    Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG
    The great faces of Jackfruit Garden, Infinity, … “lay down their weapons” meet peacefully

    It can be said that offline sessions are the most beautiful tradition of the swordplay game fan community. No need to be pompous, colorful or overcrowded, the offline gatherings of brothers and sisters who know each other also make Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG a game worth playing with anyone.

    Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG
    S27, even the “milky” father is also excited to meet you

    Although only formed in a short time, it can be affirmed that Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG has owned a loyal, cohesive and growing community. This is a united and strong family that is being developed in the Vietnamese game village in general and the romance genre in particular.

    The journey to create the world Thien Long Hoan My is only at the beginning, promising to expand and develop further in the future. The offline sessions of gamers are also one of the important factors for Thien Long Bat Bo 2 VNG to be firmly on the way.

    Not only that, the gaming community is still active, eagerly waiting to enjoy the Hoa Son Tranh Hung tournament that will officially take place this Friday. Let’s experience with your guild immediately the new features in the updated version of the same Ky Show The world to discover a standard and perfect Thien Long world.

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