Generation gap, performance gap

Generation gap, performance gap


2023-04-24 21:32:01

The graphics card is an important factor on a laptop, greatly affecting the user’s gaming experience. Therefore, let’s follow today’s article to compare, between RTX 4050 and RTX 3050, which is the ideal VGA that you should own?

Compare RTX 4050 and RTX 3050: Generation gap, performance gap

I. Specifications of RTX 4050 Laptop and RTX 3050 Laptop

Parameters and test results of 2 graphics cards are referenced at – a comprehensive data collection site about graphics card products available on the market today.

The article only focuses on the net performance of the graphics card. Your actual experience may be different when using CPU, RAM, motherboard different from the article. The test settings in the table below are set to “Ultra Quality Settings – Highest possible in games”

Terms you should know:

– FPS (frames-per-second) is a term for the number of frames displayed per second. The higher the FPS, the stronger the graphics core, the smoother the game experience, with less lag.

Detail: What is the FPS? What FPS is most suitable for gaming? How to increase FPS

– VRAM: also known as video RAM, short for ‘Video Random Access Memory’ (Video Random Access Memory). VRAM is used to store images and videos being displayed by the computer, acting as a buffer between the CPU and the video card. When the image is displayed on the screen, the image is first read by the processor and then written to VRAM.

Detail: What is VRAM? What is the role in storing and accessing graphic data? How much VRAM for a computer is enough?

1. RTX 4050 Laptop

RTX 4050 was first introduced to the technology world on January 3, 2023, aimed at the mid-range high-end laptop segment. This is an upgraded version of the RTX 3050, with performance rated to be about 30% stronger than the old generation, promising to be a product worth looking forward to.



At a reasonable price, the RTX 4050 laptop supports 6 GB of large VRAM memory with speeds up to 16 Gbps. In addition, being manufactured on a 4 nm process based on the AD107 graphics processor, and also supporting DirectX 12 Ultimate helps the RTX 4050 make the most of the hardware’s capabilities.

In addition, the RTX 4050 owns up to 80 Tensor cores and includes modern DLSS technology, which increases frame rate, ensuring that all today’s hot games are balanced, providing display image quality. well, thereby bringing great experiences to users.

2. RTX 3050 Laptop

On May 11, 2021, NVIDIA officially launched the RTX 3050 aimed at the mid-range laptop segment. Based on its predecessor, GTX 1650, the RTX 3050 possesses 50% more performance than its elder brother. However, whether this is a really good VGA is something that many people wonder.



Talking about specifications, the RTX 3050 is manufactured on an 8 nm process with 2048 CUDA cores to help deliver the ability to compute a lot of information at the same time with a fairly stable speed and accuracy.

Besides, this graphics card also supports VRAM memory with a capacity of 4 GB and 16 cores of Ray Tracing acceleration to help increase response speed, ensuring smooth handling of most of today’s hot games. , smooth with stable display image quality and optimized as much as possible.

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II. Actual game test results

Parameters and test results of 2 graphics cards are referenced at – All games in the test are set to “Ultra Quality – The highest possible in games”

Graphics cards of different brands have different TDP (power consumption), so test results may fluctuate up or down by 10% compared to reality.

1. Full HD resolution game test results (1920×1080)

Considering the Full HD resolution, from the results in the table above, we can completely see a significant difference in the FPS of the two VGAs through the tests on some hot games today. . In general, both are able to handle all of the above games well.

With games that do not require too much configuration like LOL, CS: GO, RTX 3050 performed quite well with quite good FPS. However, there is still a loss to the RTX 4050, when in both games, this graphics card has an FPS of 696 and 371, respectively, a difference of 100 – 200 points.

When raising the difficulty with some games like Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, both VGAs are quite struggling to give you the best experience when playing games.

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2. Game test results 2K resolution (2560×1440)

When upgrading to 2K resolution, in general, both can still handle some games like Valorant, LOL, … with high and stable FPS. With the numbers displayed on the board, users can confidently fight these games with extremely eye-catching graphics without worrying about lag issues.

As for the GTA 5 game, the RTX 3050 is quite difficult to handle. However, the RTX 4050 shows its strength when the FPS is somewhat higher.

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And above is all the necessary information that you can better understand the performance of these two graphics cards. If you find the article useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family to read together!

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