genre, summary, layout, content, art

genre, summary, layout, content, art


Author Le Dat’s sense of discovery, innovation, and appreciation of literary work has been clearly demonstrated in the text “Voice of Poet” on page 82, Literature 10, Knowledge connection, semester I. I follow the summary of the poem Voting for poets: genre, layout, content, and outline below to gain more knowledge when reading and understanding the text.

Votes for poets: genre, summary, layout, content, art

Compose the poem Voting for poets

I. Author

– Le Dat (1929 – 2008) whose real name is Dao Cong Dat.
– Hometown: Bac Giang.
– In poetic composition, he always upholds creativity, innovation, innovation and research in word work.

II. Read the text Voting on the poet:

1. Origin of the word elect the poet:

– The text “Voice on Poet” was first printed in “Van Nghe” newspaper, number 34, 1994.
– The essay shows Le Dat’s concept of poetry.

2. Text layout Voting on poets:

– The layout of 3 parts is divided according to the numbering in the textbook.
– Contents of each paragraph:
+ Part 1: The author summarizes some opinions expressed in the Temple of Literature Workshop and in the volume “Shadow of words”.
+ Part 2: The author’s point of view on writing poetry.
+ Part 3: The necessary responsibilities of the poet.

3. Main content of the text Voting for poets:

– The author expressed his views on the process of word labor in poetic creative activities and the characteristics and meaning of “words” in poetry.

4. Expression method in the text Voting for poets:

– Expression mode: argumentative.
Please pay attention to the date

Votes for poets: genre, summary, layout, content, art

5. Text genre Voting for poets:

Genre: Dissertation text.

6. Value of text content Votes on poets:

– Emphasize the responsibility of the true poet for the creation of poetry.

7. Artistic value Voting for poets:

– Arguments, arguments, logical evidence, convincing, clear.
– The writing is relatively tough, clearly expressing the author’s opinion.

III. Outline of the text Voting on the poet:

1. The author’s point of view on the word labor process in poetic creation:

– The author disagrees with the notion that poetry is associated with spontaneous and impulsive emotions, without trying through arguments:
+ I am short-lived impulsive, quick to come, also quick to go.
+ A good poem is the result of a miracle. Those sublime moments are the result of learning and accumulation, not luck.
– The author opposes the notion that poetry is a gift, not necessarily cultivated and learned through arguments:
+ “To write poetry is not to hit the jackpot. And no one wins the jackpot in life.”
+ “The poet’s youth and old age are determined not by the age of the sky, but by the inner strength of the word.”
The author praises poets who strive to cultivate words and learn constantly.
=> The author appreciates the labor of words in the process of composing poetry.

2. Poet’s responsibilities in the process of composing poetry:

Learning, cultivating, trying constantly in the way of organizing poetic words and art.
– Each poet needs to turn the language of the community into an elite language through the acquisition and inheritance to enrich the work in particular and Vietnamese in general “like a loyal servant”.

————————–END———————– —
The text of the poet Le Dat’s poetic composition bears the imprint and conception of poetic composition. Hopefully, through the general knowledge that provides, you can read and understand the work easily. Check out more sample papers for class 10 like Write a paragraph to think about a statement that you find interesting in Le Dat’s text Voting for poets for more direction when writing, guys!

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