genre, summary, layout, content, art

genre, summary, layout, content, art


Nguyen Dinh Thi’s poem Vietnam, our homeland, clearly depicts the beauty of nature and Vietnamese people. Refer to Vietnamese Poems of our homeland: genre, summary, layout, content, art, page 64, Grade 6 Literature, Creative horizon, semester I below to see the unique features of Vietnamese poetry. content and art of this work.

Vietnam, our homeland: genre, summary, layout, content, art

Vietnam, our homeland: genre, summary, layout, content, art

I. Author Nguyen Dinh Thi (1924 – 2003)

– Originally from Hanoi.
– Being a multi-talented artist: poetry, prose, music and drama composition.
– Some of his main works “Blue River”, “Shock”,…

II. Works of Vietnam, our homeland

1. Poetic form of Vietnam, our homeland

– Poetry form: six bowls.

2. Origin

– Origin of the poem “Vietnam is our homeland”: Excerpt from the epic poem “Beihai Poem” (1955 – 1958).

3. Expression method of the poem Vietnam, our homeland

Expression mode: expressive.

4. Summary of the poem Vietnam, our homeland

The poem “Vietnam is our homeland” evokes the beauty of nature and the landscape of our country. At the same time, depicting the good qualities and virtues in Vietnamese people: suffering, bravery, loyalty,…

5. Layout

– The composition of the poem “Vietnam is our homeland”: 2 parts:
+ Part 1: stanza 1: the natural beauty of Vietnam.
+ Part 2: the rest: the beauty of Vietnamese people.
Vietnam is the way we talk about content

Compose the article Vietnam, our homeland

6. The value of the poem’s content, Vietnam, our homeland

The poem has realistically described the natural beauty and people of Vietnam. Thereby, the author expresses his love and pride for his homeland and country.

7. Artistic value of Vietnamese poetry, our homeland

– Use simple, familiar images.
– Poetry full of emotions.
– Using rhetorical measures: personifying “Vietnam, my country”, comparing “The vast sea of ​​rice where the sky is more beautiful”,…

III. Outline details Vietnam our homeland

1. The natural beauty of Vietnam

– The affectionate, dear call “Vietnam, our country”.
– Natural scenery:
+ “The vastness of the sea of ​​rice and the sky is more beautiful”: the word “vast” and the comparative measure have highlighted the richness of the rice fields.
+ “Stork wings fluttering”: evokes the image of storks flying in the sky. -> opens up a peaceful, quiet space.
+ “Clouds cover the Truong Son peak in the early afternoon”: the beauty is both majestic and poetic of the majestic Truong Son peak.
-> The picture of nature appears so beautiful and brilliant -> opens up a peaceful and prosperous Vietnam scene.

2. The beauty of Vietnamese people

– “The face of a hard worker is deeply imprinted / Boys and girls also have a brown shirt dyed in mud”: the virtue of industriousness, compassion and hard work of our forefathers from thousands of years ago.
– “Poor land feeds heroes / Immersed in blood and fire to rise again”: resilient, heroic, indomitable qualities in the struggle against foreign invaders.
– “Sword guns and swords are left to be gentle as before”: emphasizing the inherently honest and gentle nature of the Vietnamese people.
– “Love someone who loves you wholeheartedly”: the faithful, iron heart of man.
– “Human hands are like magic / On bamboo leaves also weave thousands of poems”: the ingenuity and talent of the people.

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