genre, summary, layout, content, art

genre, summary, layout, content, art


Surely, the play of Cheo Xùy Vân, page 64 of the book of Literature 10 – Canh Dieu, Semester I has long been no stranger to you. To help me prepare better, would like to send you the article Xuy Van fake: genre, origin, summary, layout, content, art, outline.

Xuy Van is fake: genre, summary, layout, content, art

Xuy Van is fake: genre, summary, layout, content, art

I. Learn the play of Cheo Xuy Van is fake

1. The origin of the play play Xuy Van is fake:

– The text “Xyy Van is fake” from “Chèo Kim Nham”.

2. The main content of the fake Xuy Van:

– Excerpts “Xuy Van is fake” tells about Xuy Van pretending to be stupid according to Tran Phuong’s words to force Kim Nham to return her home.

3. The layout of Xuy Van is fake:

4 part layout:
– Part 1 (from beginning to “crazy crazy”): Xuy Van introduces herself.
– Part 2 (continued to “suffering by Xuan Xuan”): An explanation of the lonely and lonely situation of Xuy Van.
– Part 3 (continued to “Let the fishing rods in!”): Xuy Van’s personal lament.
– Part 4 (remaining): The crazy lyrics of Xuy Van.

4. Summary of the fake Xuy Van:

Excerpt “Xuy Van is fake” tells the story of Xuy Van listening to the temptation of Tran Phuong pretending to be crazy. The distance between the couple made her shaken by Tran Phuong’s flirtation. Therefore, she pretended to be crazy to force her husband to return home.

5. Expression method of fake Xuy Van:

– The main mode of expression: expression.
Suy Van's main goal is to achieve the best results

Xuy Van is fake: genre, summary, layout, content, art

6. The category of fake Xuyen Van:

– Genre: ancient rowing.

7. The value of fake Xuy Van content:

– Criticizing women for being unfaithful, going against social ethics.

8. Artistic value of the fake Xuy Van:

– Words are evocative and sexy.
– Metaphorical images, containing many meanings.

II. Outline the play of rowing Xuy Van pretending to be foolish:

1. Circumstances of character Xuy Van:

– Xuy Van married Kim Nham, but not long after the marriage, Kim Nham went to Trang An to grind history.
– She lives alone in the situation of martial arts waiting for her husband.
– In the midst of sadness and loneliness, she was knocked down by Tran Phuong’s flirting and flattery and pretended to be crazy.

2. Xuy Van’s mood in the fake Xuy Van excerpt:

– Through the call to wait for the boat:
+ Conflicts and inner struggles.
+ Directly express feelings of pain and shame.
In the song of the rooster:
+ Lonely, lonely because of living far from her husband.
+ Shame and shame because people laugh at him.
+ Desire for a simple and happy family life.
– In the lament, the lyrics are reversed:
+ Suffering for his own unhappiness to the point of not being alert enough.

————————–END———————– —
The fake Xuy Van excerpt clearly shows the characteristics of the cheo stage. To analyze the effects of some artistic elements in the text, which clearly show the characteristics of the cheo stage, consider a sample essay of grade 10 such as: Composing a fake song Xuyen Van Shortest, Literature 10 – Canh Kite and find yourself the answer!

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