genre, summary, layout, content, art

genre, summary, layout, content, art


Below is the content with eyes closed while opening the window: genre, summary, layout, content, art, page 58, Literature 7, Knowledge connection, semester I. study to have the best preparation for the upcoming lesson.

With eyes closed and windows open: genre, summary, layout, content, art

Compose the article While closing the eyes and opening the window

I. Author Nguyen Ngoc Thuan

– Born in: 1972.
– Hometown: Binh Thuan.
– Is a pen specialized in composing for children.
– Some outstanding works: “A dream in heaven”, “On a high hill shepherding angels”,…

II. Excerpts Opening the window while closing my eyes

1. The genre of Eyes closed while opening the window

Genre: Short stories.

2. Origin

– Origin of the excerpt “Opening the window while closing the eyes”: Extracted from the work “Opening the window while closing the eyes” (2014), Youth Publishing House, Ho Chi Minh City.

3. Expression method of the excerpt Closed eyes and open windows

– Mode of expression: autobiographical.

4. Snippet Summary Opening a Window With Eyes Closed

“My” home garden grows a lot of flowers. Every day, “me” often watered them with my father. Dad taught “me” how to recognize flowers by closing his eyes and touching his hands. Later, “I” easily named each flower even with eyes closed. Thanks to this odd talent, “I” and his father saved the life of Ti who nearly drowned on the riverbank. Dad continued to teach “me” to guess the name of the flower by closing his eyes and smelling the scent. Gradually, by my own perseverance, “I” was able to call the right name. Finally, “I” realized that it was the flowers in the garden that were the one to guide and guide him.

5. Layout

– The layout of the excerpt “Opening the window while closing the eyes”: 3 parts:
+ Part 1: from beginning to “I have a magic eye!”: Dad taught “me” to guess the name of the flower in the garden by closing his eyes and touching his hand.
+ Part 2: Next comes “this gift is too big!”: the memory that “I” remember forever with the meaningful teaching of my father about the gift.
+ Part 3: remaining: Dad taught “I” to name flowers by closing his eyes and smelling the scent.

6. Value of excerpt content Open window while closing eyes

Through the father’s teaching to the character “I”, the author wants to affirm the great power of love in life. First of all, it is the love and attachment between family members. Next, it is also a heart of love and respect for the beauty of nature and the life around us.

7. The artistic value of the excerpt Open and close the eyes at the same time

– Use the first person narration: the narration of the character “I”.
– Build close, familiar images.
The main content of the game The king of lava, the king of the dead,

With eyes closed and windows open: genre, summary, layout, content, art

III. Detailed outline Just open the window and close your eyes

1. Father character

– Being a nature lover: likes to plant and take care of the flowers in the garden “Dad planted a lot of flowers”.
– Always love, care and teach children:
+ Dad made “me” a very comfortable watering can.
+ Dad taught “me” how to guess the name of the flower from closing his eyes and touching his hand or smelling the scent.
+ Dad always patiently teaches “me”: “I always say wrong. But he says it’s okay, gradually I will be right”.
+ Dad often gives “me” sincere compliments and encouragement: “Dad laughs and compliments me on my progress”.
Dad always cares about everyone around: Knowing someone was in trouble, Dad quickly “throws the rice bowl and runs out of the garden” to hope to save people in time.
Dad is a very emotional person, always appreciating the meaningful “gifts” around him:
+ I can’t resist the beauty of the gift.
+ For dad, every gift has a certain meaning.
=> Dad is a person with a heart full of love. Dad is the one who inspires a good, humane love of life to the character “me”.

2. Character “I”

– Patient, eager to learn, love to explore everything:
+ Being taught by his father how to name each flower by closing his eyes, touching his hands and smelling the fragrance.
+ Although guessing wrong, but not discouraged, always passionate about training.
– A person who has the talent to guess things correctly even with his eyes closed.
+ Often find things that dad often hides.
+ Through the sound of footsteps, “I” can guess the distance -> recognized by the uncle as having magic eyes.
+ Guess the name of each flower when you close your eyes, touch your hand and smell the scent.
– As a son who loves and respects his father:
+ Always listen to the teachings from your father.
+ Touching dad, happily saying that he is a “big” gift for himself.
– A delicate, emotional person who appreciates the beauty of life around him.
+ Love the name of Ti, often call his name to listen to that wonderful sound.
+ Love nature earnestly: consider flowers as a small gift, flower garden as a great gift.
=> The character “I” is an innocent child with a pure soul. “I” always know how to love and care for people and the life around me.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – END – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The excerpt When closing our eyes and opening the window has brought us a meaningful lesson about the source of love. Hopefully, through this text, I will learn to cultivate good qualities for myself. has a lot of quality reference 7th grade sample text content to meet your learning needs such as:
Analysis Close your eyes and open the window
Summary While closing the eyes and opening the window
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