Genshin Impact – The location where the unknown treasure was found

Genshin Impact – The location where the unknown treasure was found


2022-06-29 14:24:48

The Unknown Treasure in Genshin Impact contains many valuable items that players should not ignore. Here are where and how to use the Unknown Treasure in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is one of the best gacha games on the video game market today. The game has beautiful anime graphics, eye-catching characters with impressive power equipment according to each element. Players will control a character to travel across the countries in Genshin Impact, and at the same time, perform a variety of missions, including hunting for unknown treasures.

The Unknown Treasure is no ordinary quest in Genshin Impact. The story will not lead you here. It only shows up in the Journal. Although quite hard to find, doing this secret quest will give you not only fun but also valuable rewards.

Genshin Impact has 3 unknown treasures located in different locations on the map. If you don’t know how to get it Unknown treasure in Genshin Impact. Please refer to the instructions below.

The Unknown Treasure in Genshin Impact

The location where the unknown treasure was found in Genshin Impact

God of Law Guan

Genshin Impact’s first unnamed treasure can be found in the Divine Law Gate. To reach this place, you will need the help of NPCs being held hostage nearby. You will find this NPC lying in a trap cage and surrounded by enemies in the West Than Luat Quan. Defeat them to unlock the nearby inventory and get the key to open the inner cage. When rescuing the NPC is successful, this character will tell you the location of the treasure.

Ngoc Lang Week

The next location to find the unknown treasure in Genshin Impact is Tuan Ngoc Lang. It’s underwater, so you need to drain the area before continuing. To complete the mission, you must light 4 torches with Fire – Pyro skill or simply shoot an arrow with Amber’s bow. Some torches are well hidden so you need to search around to light them all. Then activate the Earth element to lower the water level, then enter the lake. Here you will see 3 souls. You have to lead each of them to the designated location. This will lower the force field protecting Genshin Impact’s anonymous treasure chest inside.

Unknown Treasure Genshin Impact

Location of the torch to be lit during the Jade Week:

  • Next to the Geo stone pillar.
  • On the high stone pillar next to the Geo pillar.
  • Submersed.
  • The final torch can be found by jumping over the square in the middle of the ruins. Turn your back to the lake and you’ll see the torch at the top of the stairs.

Thanh Huu seaport

The Thanh Hu seaport contains unknown treasures in Genshin Impact

The last anonymous treasure of Genshin Impact is located at the mouth of Thanh Hu sea. In the middle of the Thanh Hu sea is a talking stele that will tell you the location of 5 different Earth elemental markers that you need to visit. 5 locations with Earth element imprints at Thanh Hu estuary:

  • A mark is located on the edge of the stone pedestal in the center of the sea (between 2 small pillars).
  • The remaining four seals are under the roofs of all stone buildings. Note, although most of them appear directly under the roof of the building, in the second tallest building, the Earth icon is located 1 floor lower.

After breaking all 5 seals, the last treasure chest will appear next to the stele.

Sacrifice to sell unknown treasure in Genshin Impact

What is the Genshin Impact anonymous treasure for?

Genshin Impact players can sell anonymous treasures to the owner of the Hy Co Cu shop – Linlang for Mora. This store only opens after 9 o’clock. Therefore, you should speed up when this time is near!

Note, players cannot sell anonymous treasures individually. You need to have 3 treasures in your inventory before doing this step.

Selling anonymous treasures gives players the following rewards:

  • 350 Adventure EXP
  • 40 Primogem
  • 100,000 Mora

Above is 3 location of unknown treasure in Genshin Impact. Hope the article helps you conquer this treasure more easily.

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