Get the Giftcode Thien Kiem Chi Van right away, with many valuable items to celebrate the launch day

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2022-11-24 06:00:01

Receive the latest 500 Giftcode Thien Kiem Chi Van, with many great rewards on the occasion of the official launch of the game 11/23

The latest 500 Giftcode Thien Kiem Chi Van

A Game gives gamers the latest set of 500 giftcode Thien Kiem Chi Van

  • The latest Thien Kiem Chi Van Giftcode with many valuable items to celebrate the launch day
  • Thien Kiem Chi Van “plays big” – Giving ingame gifts is not enough, but “bonus” more Iphone 14 Promax, Ipad Pro M2 …
  • Thien Kiem Chi Van opens Alpha Test on 11/11 and what gamers need to pay attention to when choosing factions
  • Thien Kiem Chi Van – The masterpiece MMORPG “Hien Vien Kiem” prepares to supplement the Vietnamese game village in November 2022
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    Thien Kiem Chi Van brings an engaging and thrilling plot. After the beginning of Chaos, Heaven and Earth split into two poles. God Pangu is divided. Between the two poles of yin and yang, not black and white clearly distinguished, the two poles spent several thousand thousand years of struggle, finally forming 6 realms: Fairy, Spirit, Love, Demon, Human and Ma.

    Players will transform into a new disciple to join the master but have excellent talent, cultivate immortals in Nguyen Gioi, except for the devil guard, protect the peace for the people. The plot revolves around the process of players working hard, otherwise the natural talent will also go away.

    The product is built according to the theme of fairy swordplay with depth, modern graphics beyond the times, crowded community, exciting love, interesting events, …

    Heavenly Sword Chi Van

    In the game Thien Kiem Chi Van Mobile, players will start by choosing 1 of 4 factions including: Hoa Vu, Di Tan, La Sat, Huyen Kiem and each faction has a plot, weapon, source. Distinctive powers overwhelm each other.

    As a game in the MMORPG role-playing series, Thien Kiem Chi Van still retains its inherent characteristics when players will go in the direction of plot missions, leveling, boss hunting, skill PK, character power upgrade…

    Heavenly Sword Chi Van

    It is known that Thien Kiem Chi Van Mobile owns a series of interesting activities between players vs bosses, people vs people such as: Tien Lu 2vs2, Vo Dai 1vs1, Thien Dao Secret Canh, Devil City, Ancient Ma Phong An, Eight Poles Battle Map, Zhujie Expeditionary Expedition.

    Heavenly Sword Chi Van

    Welcome to launch, Thien Kiem Chi Van gives all gamers experience Giftcode codes. Hurry up to the game and start conquering!

    Download the game at:

    Fanpage: Thien Kiem Chi Van


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