Good news, Team Ninja will remake the promising super product Ninja Gaiden

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2022-11-24 12:07:59

The gaming community has the opportunity to wake up when the super product Ninja Gaiden will be completely redone by Team Ninja.

Team Ninja recently confirmed plans to reboot both Ninja Gaiden in the future. According to information from the translation of the interview with the developer at the Korean event this week. Fumihiko Yasuda shared during a panel at the G-Star conference in Busan that he is working to bring fans more good news as soon as possible. In a slide of the presentation that appears at the end you can see images of the two series of games that Team Ninja is holding along with a headline that goes something like “The Future of Team Ninja – Famous Projects Made back” in Japanese.

Soon after, some famous news sites decided to contact Team Ninja owner Koei Tecmo for an interview about this story. Yasuda has repeatedly publicly expressed his desire to revive the Ninja Gaiden series. Tecmo’s action-adventure series hasn’t had an official installment since the 2012 version of Ninja Gaiden 3. Yasuda, who is the director of Nioh and its sequel, is the difficulty designer for Ninja Gaiden 2. and directed the third installment in the series, the first since the departure of main creator Tomonobu Itagaki.

In an interview that took place in January 2021, Yasuda told us that he has no plans for a new installment of the Ninja Gaiden series, but said he hopes to one day return to the series.

Then, earlier this year, he said that now the teams in the company are ready to develop a future Ninja Gaiden game that will be remade. They are willing to hire talent outside the company to make the project more complete. “We’re not announcing anything at the moment,” says Yasuda, “But both of those ideas sound like great plans and both have the potential to be implemented in the future, we’re completely satisfied. All hope to be able to bring good news to fans in the near future.

“But what I mean is that, in theory, if we were to work with another company to create a new Ninja Gaiden title, then we need to make sure it’s going to be a game that fans will enjoy. really enjoyed and exceeded their expectations. However, we need to find the right person to collaborate on this project.”

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