Google “holding hands” Meta received a fine in Korea for violating user privacy

Google “holding hands” Meta received a fine in Korea for violating user privacy

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2022-09-15 14:47:26

Google and Meta were fined more than 1,000 billion VND for violating privacy protection measures.

As digital technology and the internet are expanding, many countries have tightened privacy protections for their citizens. Breach of personal data and other privacy can lead to penalties for internet companies.

The South Korean government fined Google and Meta tens of millions of dollars for violating privacy laws on September 13.

In a statement, Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commission said it had fined Google 69.2 billion won (more than 1 trillion VND) and Meta 30.8 billion (500 billion VND).

The PIPC side said that both companies are not clear in notifying service users and obtaining consent before collecting and analyzing information about users’ preferences search behavior or use it. in running ads.

Google "hold hand" Meta gets fined in Korea for violating user privacy

This is not a large amount compared to the size and abundant financial potential of these two giants, but most importantly, these fines continue to overshadow users’ beliefs about how the files are handled. technology groups take advantage of personal data as well as invade their privacy.

“We disagree with PIPC’s findings and will review the full written decision once it is shared with us,” a spokesperson for the company said. Google said.

“While we respect the committee’s decision, we believe the company has been working with its customers in a legally appropriate manner, following the processes required by local regulations. We therefore disagree with the committee’s decision and will be open to all options including seeking a decision from the court (appeal), a Meta spokesman said.

Most recently, Google was fined $60 million Australian dollars for misleading users about data collection, while Meta, the company that owns Facebook, was also subject to the UK Competition and Market Authority (CMA). £50.5 million fine for the same reason.

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