Great birthday party full of hot gifts to celebrate Tay Hanh Ky VTC 1 year old

Great birthday party full of hot gifts to celebrate Tay Hanh Ky VTC 1 year old

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2023-03-19 07:32:56

The gifts with great value in the series of events to celebrate the 1st birthday of Tay Hanh Ky VTC will make gamers admire.

Honored to be in the Top of the best-selling games in both Mainland and Vietnam markets, Western Hanh Ky VTC like a realistic animated movie, recreating the fascinating journey against the heavens. After 1 year, from a rookie of the Vietnamese game village, the game has been labeled as the most unique and attractive vertical screen war game.

  • Big Update “Karma of Reincarnation”: Appears a new clan to break the balance of the Three Realms in the Western Planet VTC
  • Tay Hanh Ky VTC – Tang Nghia Thien Street Officially Launched, kicking off the extremely attractive Top racing event
  • Tay Hanh Ky VTC general game 6vs6 vertical screen with the theme of the version of Journey to the West
  • Western Hanh Ky VTC – Westward M was successfully brought back to Vietnam
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    Western Hanh Ky VTC

    In order to send gratitude to the gaming community who have accompanied Tay Hanh Ky VTC for the past 1 year, the Board of Directors has decided to launch a purse, open a Nhat Nien Tay Hanh party to treat all hot gifts. The series of attractive events that make up the “month of fun” of the Tay Hanh Ky VTC community includes many ingame reward activities, making it easy for players to own rare items.

    Western Hanh Ky VTC


    • first Landing Birthday – All Fun
    • 2 Join Hands to Put Candles – Receive Gifts to the Wharf
    • 3 Birthday Wheel – Gifts Filled
    • 4 New Year’s Eve Journey – Race to the Top of Fame
    • 5 Community Events – Happy Winter
    • 6 Grateful to the Venerable – Black Card Privilege
    • 7 Western Journey VTC: Durable Value – Firmly Connected

    Landing Birthday – All Fun

    All major birthday events will be available at Landing: Gamers will be able to participate in attractive minigames to win many different gifts.

    Join Hands to Put Candles – Receive Gifts to the Wharf

    Let’s share the Landing page to reach the milestone and receive valuable gift packages: Lucky bag x10, Thank you gift x8, Vip birthday cake x3, Linh Thach x2023. The more the merrier, the larger the number of gifts, hurry up and call on brothers and sisters to light candles.

    Western Hanh Ky VTC

    Birthday Wheel – Gifts Filled

    Opportunity for gamers to accumulate luck, hunt for great rewards. Every 10,000 VND when investing in the game will be converted into 1 spin. Every spin, there are gifts, from ingame gifts to in-kind gifts, filled with gold champions, virtualized gold champions… In particular, the Airpod Pro 2 and JBL Quantum 400 Headphones will be for the players who “explode with dignity” the most. .

    Western Hanh Ky VTC

    In particular, when the number of 100 spins is reached, players will receive more golden gift treasures with rare and difficult-to-find items that are now close in front of their eyes: Gold magic magic chest, Chest fostering materials Any… The rotation is not only a place to try luck, test dignity, but really a golden opportunity to increase combat power, upgrade the strength of the outstanding squad.

    New Year’s Eve Journey – Race to the Top of Fame

    In a historic moment, let’s make a miracle through the Top racing event to celebrate the birthday of Tay Hanh Ky VTC. From March 18 to March 31, 2023, the track will officially open, all gamers can participate in the competition to find the first player with glorious light and countless exclusive rewards. .

    Western Hanh Ky VTC

    The total race prize is worth more than 180 million VND, diverse and attractive: Virtualization of gold of your choice, General Vang Truyen Ky, Linh Thach, etc. This will definitely be a fiery race when the Western community. Hanh Ky VTC has always been famous for “playing” and the number of “big brothers and sisters” is always impressive, especially on a special occasion like this.

    Community Events – Happy Winter

    A series of gifts and ingame items of great value have been, are and will be given through many community events, and the response is excitement and excitement from all gamers. On the Fanpage and also in the Group, many Tay Hanh Ky gamers could not hide their joy and satisfaction when receiving gifts both materially and spiritually from meaningful events in response to their birthdays.

    Western Hanh Ky VTC

    First of all, the event Checkin meeting receive explosive gifts, taking place from March 5 to April 5. This is really the “forte” of the gamer Tay Hanh Ky VTC when normally, 500 brothers jubilantly went offline, organized their own meetings many times, freely exchanged and connected. So when you have just checked in and received a gift, the more the merrier, the more people you have, the more codes like this, perhaps, this event will consume quite a lot of gifts from NPH here.

    Western Hanh Ky VTC

    Next is the event Selfie with Birthday Filter receive great gifts. A very beautiful filter has been exclusively released by Tay Hanh Ky VTC for this event. Gamers just need Take a photo or record a clip to send greetings when using this Birthday Filter to receive gifts.

    Western Hanh Ky VTC

    Game or filter quality, gamers Tay Hanh Ky VTC are not afraid to explode their personality, show up confidently and send the most sincere birthday wishes. Thousands of Golden Keys, Golden Chests, Inheritance of Gems, Four Poles of Keys and hundreds of millions of Silver will be sent to participating gamers until March 20. Don’t miss this easy free bonus opportunity!

    Western Hanh Ky VTC

    Grateful to the Venerable – Black Card Privilege

    Tay Hanh Ky VTC will always be on the list of games that pamper gamers the most. Recently, the most unique event in the SLG game series was organized by NPH to honor the players at an unprecedented level. Unique gratitude with a collection Black Card of the game called “Western Chi Ton Thuong Thuong” appeared for the first time, only SVIP can own it.

    Western Hanh Ky VTC

    In particular, the owner “Western Exalted Supreme Being” will enjoy their own privileges, which can be mentioned as unique Titles, monthly limited Giftcodes, Privileges Care Packages by Tieu Vu, etc. It can be said that holding this card set is not only respected by thousands of people. but his status in the Tay Hanh Ky community also took a leap to the top level. This 1-0-2 gratitude event is also expected to be a grand opening shot, promising to be an explosive start of the VTC West in 2023.

    Western Journey VTC: Durable Value – Firmly Connected

    The older the ginger, the more spicy, the hotter the game: That’s exactly what is used to describe the Western Hanh Ky VTC – one of the most worth-playing vertical screen strategy games at the moment. Above all, the investment to pay, the continuous innovation of events, genuine updates, and the gift of great gifts – quality gifts for gamers is what makes the community extremely satisfied and assured to stick with it for a long time.Western Hanh Ky VTC

    Do not hesitate any longer, download the game to immediately participate in this fascinating journey in general and receive full birthday gifts in particular.

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