Guide to Build Kai’Sa AP + Crown of Doom

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2022-01-02 11:12:12

Kai’Sa AP and Crown of Doom have been storming in rank matches for the past several days. Take a look at the build table to see the hegemony.

How to Build Kai’Sa Crown of Decline Pre-season 2022 is currently quite hot. Kai’Sa AP is no stranger to gamers because her unique skill set is designed to adapt to many types of items. The emergence of the crown of doom emerges as a new force that makes the magical Kai’Sa meta return strong.

Typically, high rank matches, or especially Uzi players, when using and demonstrating the overwhelming power of this build, please refer to the Build guide Kai’Sa Crown of Doom Let’s see how about the game below.

Build Kai’Sa AP gem + Crown of Decline

Kai’Sa AP on this jade rain sword board, gamers will have an easier laning phase when they can actively poke the opponent’s blood to dominate in terms of lane. At the same time, players can also stay in the lane longer with the taste of blood, hunting greed and blood sucking legends to accumulate money, buy equipment early and evolve a full set of moves to increase strength quickly.

Equip Kai’Sa AP + Crown of Doom

At the beginning of the game, Kai’sa needs to equip the Dagger and the Sword of Manamune to upgrade his Q. After that, you need to increase attack speed and ability power when you go to Nashor’s Fang and Crown of Doom to upgrade. W and E moves.

Guide to Build Kai'Sa AP + Crown of Doom

In addition, the Crown of Doom is an indispensable equipment in the three factions. With 75% reduced damage received along with 600 mana from the Crown of Doom interacts very well with the Divine Sword Manamune. From here, Kai’sa’s survivability, attack speed, ability power and skill damage increase will be increased.

Finally, gamers can go to Hourglass and Witch Hat to complete their equipment. This combo is the perfect match for Kai’sa as it provides enough survivability, huge stacks of damage, and great attack speed. Kai’sa will be almost invulnerable in teamfights and take out massive damage on the enemy team.

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