Gumayusi was shocked when he discovered that the Demon King was… his cousin

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2022-02-09 17:02:28

Faker is both a “big boss” and an elder in the Gumayusi family, this time, the Crown Prince of T1 is probably out of luck with the Devil King…

Within T1, in addition to the excellent team-carrying performances from the beginning of the 2022 LCK Spring Split to now, Gumayusi is also famous for another reason outside of his expertise: The only person who dares… troll President Faker, not just one but is n times. With a personality that is both funny and muddy, Gumayusi has made his seniors “stiff” many times because of the screenplays and fights that go into people’s hearts.

Of course, because the current T1 team is extremely close to each other, Gumayusi has the courage to do such “badass” things without fear of “Thank You Guma…” or salary deduction. However, recently, there was a new turning point that made Gumayusi really consider how to treat his brother more politely, that is when he accidentally discovered that he and Faker were actually relatives, which the Demon King even ranked on top, are his fathers and uncles, not brothers at all.

Specifically, in a recent stream, Gumayusi confessed:

“During the last Lunar New Year, I discovered a shocking truth. I got home and saw everyone was looking at the family tree, curious to see the name Sang-hyeok (Faker’s real name), but also my upper limb. I just asked my dad and it turned out that it was the guy with the nick-name Faker. He belongs to the 38th generation of the family, while I belong to the 39th generation (This part, Gumayusi got it wrong, actually Faker is in the 39th generation and Gumayusi is in the 40th generation).

No wonder he and my father both have the same middle name, he is Lee Sang-hyeok, and my father is also Lee Sang-xxx, Faker calls my father a cousin, it turns out that this brother was originally a cousin it’s mine, bro. I just called Faker to KaKaoTalk, and it turns out that he knew for a long time, he even promised to visit my house during the Mid-Autumn Festival.” (Gumayusi’s real name is Lee Min-hyeong).

Faker and Gumayusi’s Lee family tree shows that Faker belongs to the “father-in-law” category of his teammate.

At the end of the story, Gumayusi still dared to mock “uncle” Faker: “He knew I was a cousin for a long time and still made me call him hyung (honorific for “older brother” in Korean), that must have haunted his old age.”

The story of the relationship between the Faker and Gumayusi family makes T1 fans feel interesting. So far, people have seen many cases of close friends and brothers working as players, but never seen “uncle and grandson” playing together, even wearing the same shirt. Besides, as Gumayusi confided to fans, many viewers also advised him to never call Faker “uncle”, because the Demon King is “obsessed with old age”. (Evidence is that not long ago, he loudly declared himself a young talent born in 2k2 of T1, not a star born in 1996).

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