Hanoi 12 Days and Nights – An extremely difficult strategy game about the heroic history of the nation.

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2022-08-16 05:24:01

As a Vietnamese person, surely every one of us here is unaware of the historic “Dien Bien Phu in the air” event in the war against the American invasion of our Vietnamese people. This is a glorious victory event, marking a great turning point for our Vietnamese people at the negotiating table in Paris, but this event is also a painful event for our people when in just 12 days and nights, The American Empire dropped more than 36,000 tons of bombs in the North, causing mourning and death for our compatriots. Based on this real event Pirex Games, a mysterious game studio has launched the game Hanoi 12 Days and Nights on the phone with charismatic veteran gameplay.

Proud game

When starting the game, we will hear the familiar sound of the great and beloved President Ho Chi Minh’s speech, which is President Ho Chi Minh’s appeal against the US to save the country to his compatriots and soldiers. country. In that historic call, there is an immortal famous saying that has become the truth of all times: “Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom”. And that sound was added at the beginning of the game, making the context and atmosphere of the game have a big impact on us.

Diverse game modes

In the game we will have 3 different game modes. Those are the modes: Defend the Long Bien Bridge – This mode is equivalent to the survival modes of other games, you will have to fight the US air force until the bridge collapses, in this mode, you will be provided with all the best, but because of survival, all your equipment will be less and less. Next is the main mode of the game: Hanoi 12 days on fire Dien Bien Phu in the air- This is the main mode of the game. In this mode we will go through the levels to the fullest when going from difficult to easy. Through the screen, all of our equipment will also be fully restored. However, it is not that this mode is easier. The third mode, which is Mig-21 versus B52, is different from the previous 2 modes, in this mode we will no longer play RTS games, but instead we will play RPG games with driving style. Fly fight against a billion enemy troops. It sounds good, but it’s very difficult, play it and feel it.

Battle of artillery, rockets

Have you ever played Aoe, StarCraft, Dota 2, you are proud of your superior microphone ability? Then let’s come to the anti-aircraft artillery-missile battle in Hanoi for 12 days and nights. Where you have to control 8 artillery batteries and 6 rockets at the same time, dare you try it? In the game you do not need to be fast, accurate, the calculation and arrangement of artillery is a very important thing. Bombers, cannons you go, shoot down planes that hit your cannons, cannons you go too. Be careful because your opponent is an Empire located on the other side of that continent.

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