Hecarim rune board, how to play and how to build Hecarim season 13

Hecarim rune board, how to play and how to build Hecarim season 13

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2023-03-19 09:13:05

Rushing out into the black mist and terrifying the enemy was the “Ghost of War” – Hecarim. Tinhayvip.com today will send you how to play and how to build the Hecarim gem table for the 2023 season.

Hecarim Gem Table

Jungle Hecarim Gem Board

Hecarim has a rune board that focuses more on the ability to increase movement speed to be compatible with his own passive, as the more movement speed increases, the more attack power increases. This rune board selects the main branch as Magical and specifically as follows.

The Hecarim rune accelerates the jungle phase.

  • Phase acceleration: On the way to this gem, it has not worked, but when he touches an enemy champion, Hecarim increases his movement speed, causing his AD to increase, making his skills deal great damage.
  • Cloud robe: When Hecarim uses summoner spells, he will gain movement speed and thus get closer to the target faster.
  • Quickly: Hecarim’s E will interact well with this rune for a high percentage of bonus movement speed.
  • Thuy Thuong adventure: Rushing out from the river to gank lanes with “altar” speed will cause the enemy to panic and not have time to react.
  • In the sub-branch select Overwhelm: Take Collect eyeballs to get more AD when participating in champion kill. Skilled Hunter helps to restore active items faster.
  • Complement Gems: 9 + 9 adaptive power, health by level.

Hecarim solo runes Top

Hecarim goes Top leaning towards the tendency to hit “stork” to pull and maintain continuous damage in combat, so the main branch rune table Exactly would be the right choice.

The Hecarim rune board to conquer solo top.
The Hecarim rune board to conquer solo top.

  • Conquer: This Hecarim rune provides increased attack damage when fighting an enemy champion and takes lifesteal at maximum stacks to help Hecarim maintain better combat.
  • Victory: Restore some health and gain more gold when participating in the kill.
  • Effect Resistance (legendary): Continuous fighting, effect resistance is a very necessary gem.
  • Blessing Slash: Deals extra damage to enemies below 40% health making them move up the countdown faster.
  • In the sub-branch select Inspiration: With jade Magical footsteps allows free shoes at 12 minutes and higher movement speed than normal shoes. Time Potion Gives an advantage at early levels in teamfights.
  • Complement Gems: 9 + 9 adaptive power, health by level.

How to build Hecarim

In addition to building a reasonable Hecarim rune table for each position, the right map is also an important requirement when playing this champion. Gearing up for the jungle and top lane for Hecarim is somewhat similar, focusing on movement speed and long-term survival in teamfights.

How to build Forest Hecarim

A champion born for the jungle – Hecarim has a jungling build that favors fast approach to combat with bonus movement speed and cooldowns. Season 13 jungle Hecarim equipment set can be upgraded with:

How to build Hecarim jungle season 13.

  • Triumvirate of Swords: Give this centaur important stats such as cooldown, attack speed, movement speed when dealing damage and especially the mythical passive that increases the aforementioned stats according to the number of legendary equipment.
  • Silver shoes: As the shoe with the most movement speed, give Hecarim priority.
  • Shojin Spear: Improved cooldown, the passive “rush” of this item increases the movement speed when the lower the health, the more powerful the passive Hecarim himself is.
  • Youmuu Ghost Sword: Dash from out of combat activates this item’s passive, greatly increasing movement speed and Hecarim gains bonus attack speed.
  • Rampage Acceleration Armor: This movement acceleration item can be activated when about 3000 units away from the enemy giving Hecarim a powerful boost from his own passive “line to battle”.
  • Martyrs Armor: Has an additional amount of resistance and movement speed compatible with other boosted items.

The above equipment, when combined with the Hecarim Gems, Phase Acceleration will give a terrible power right from the first half of the match.

How to build Hecarim Top

Focusing on endurance and long-term attacks rather than movement speed, the Hecarim equipment set to go Top you change Youmuu Ghost Sword wall Sterak’s Claw For better resistance, refer to the following equipment supplement:

How to build Hecarim to go to the top of season 13.

  • Three Swords
  • Silver shoes
  • Shojin . Spear
  • Crazy Acceleration Armor
  • Sterak’s Claw
  • Martyr’s Armor

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How to play Hecarim

Summoner Spell Hecarim

The essential summoner spell for Hecarim in any position is Speed.

Jungler Hecarim chooses Speed ​​+ Punishment.

On top lane Hecarim carries Express + Burn/Teleport.

Summoner spell for Hecarim.

The order of raising the skill Hecarim

Hecarim’s skill upgrade order prioritizes the main damage skill, which is Q to clear the forest quickly and recover. Next is E – Destruction hooves, specific order: Q > E > W, R raises the right level.

Hecarim season 13 skill upgrade order.

How to play Hecarim in the jungle

Hecarim should be prioritized for the jungle position because of his good ganking ability and fast clearing. At early levels Hecarim is relatively easy to gank with his E – Destructive Hoof, picks up enemy champions that are pushing high and activates E to quickly circle behind and push them towards allies.

In the mid and late game, Hecarim was a little bit less dominant than other junglers, so supporting the main champion and focusing on the target teamfight was a top priority. Take advantage of the right opportunity to use E in conjunction with the ultimate move Ghost Knight to initiate combat and terrify as many enemies as possible.

Countering Hecarim

Hecarim . Counter General

Hecarim jungle often rarely confronts enemy champions, so we will prioritize the list of champions that counter Hecarim in the top lane so that you can easily choose a bet when confronting: Darius, Urgot, Riven… As gladiators who are hard against Hecarim thanks to his strong solo ability.

Champion counter Hecarim in the top lane.

Equipment that counters Hecarim

Popular equipment to counter Hecarim can be mentioned as: Alchemy Towel towards Mercury Knife and Silver Mace. Or pages that block 1 skill like Chain of Cross and Cloak of Darkness. In addition, Zhonya Hourglass is also a good choice for mage generals who want to counter this centaur.

Hecarim is a champion with interesting gameplay, good teamfights, and great team support. Don’t forget to save how to play, how to build and the Hecarim gem board to be able to maximize the power of “Ghost of War”!

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