Hero Bump – Unique style billiards game has just been released in December 2021

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2021-12-22 04:24:09

INTERNATIONAL_ Hero Bump – Unique style billiards game has just been released in December 2021.

Hero Bump deserves attention from the Asian as well as international gaming market. This is a super product that can be played on any device from mobile to PC.

If you are looking for a game with an eye-catching, user-friendly design and low configuration requirements. Hero Bump will be a product that you cannot ignore at the end of 2021.

This is a game released by Orienjoy for iOS and Android operating systems. Players will enter a world of heroes. But the genre that you find in the game is billiards combined with strategy, not role-playing. Let’s find out more details in this product.

Introduction to the game and the rules of the game

When entering this world, you will have the opportunity to be a commander for skilled warriors. They will help you find and seize victory opportunities from the enemy. Players will own up to 4 pieces corresponding to 4 heroes or minions.

To unlock each cell in this squad, you need to reach a certain number of champions. Reaching 100 pieces will open the 3rd box and 200 will be the 4th box. Besides, you can also change the position, arrange the squad accordingly.

Players can upgrade the generals, heroes they own. This upgrade will consume your Gold Coins. But in return, your pieces will get higher fighting power.

Another point about the rules of the game is that each champion will own a number of skills. The activation of these moves is completely dependent on your calculations. If you’re lucky, you can knock out a lot of enemies with your moves.

Hero Bump - Choose for yourself the most elite warriors

Hero Bump – Choose for yourself the most elite warriors

Game modes in Hero Bump

The default will be the story mode. In this mode you need to overcome each challenge in the form of a stage. Each level will bring you to another secret related to the characters in the game.

In PvP mode, you need a lot of skills to defeat as well as take victory from your opponents. Each player will be given a limited number of plays per day.

Hero Bump - Victory is within reach!

Hero Bump – Victory is within reach!


Regardless of the mode, you also need to calculate the movement of the pieces in the match. Like a pool table, pieces will bounce and collide dealing damage with effects. Victory will come to you if you master these rules in Hero Bump.

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