Hogwarts Legacy: 3 super powerful spells that gamers need to know to ‘break the island’ the fastest game

Hogwarts Legacy: 3 super powerful spells that gamers need to know to ‘break the island’ the fastest game


2023-03-07 20:02:55

Hogwarts Legacy: 3 super powerful spells that gamers need to know to ‘break the island’ the fastest game

Although these are 3 familiar spells, this is a weapon that helps the journey to victory of Hogwarts Legacy gamers faster than ever.

Hogwarts Legacy has had an extremely successful start to 2023 as this game continuously rises to the top of the trending games. Set in the mysterious wizarding world, Hogwarts Legacy is considered to be able to satisfy any player whether they have known the magical world before or not.

One of the special things of Hogwarts Legacy is that there are no weapons such as swords, swords, guns … that players will fight with other forces with charms. This must have been extremely familiar to fans of the Harry Potter series. And to win the battles, players also need to master a few powerful spells and can affect your journey to “breaking the island” of the game.

1. Bombarda – Explosive Charm

Bombarda is an uncomplicated spell, but it has quite a lot of damage. When using the Bombarda charm, the player’s wand will emit a bright spark that explodes over a large area, sending your enemies flying backwards. Therefore, this spell is very suitable to use when you have to fight with a large number of enemies.

In Hogwarts Legacy, in addition to being used to solve enemies, many gamers also like to use Bombarda to clean up obstacles on the way extremely effectively.

2. Dark Curse

If you are a Potterhead (Harry Potter fan) surely you are quite familiar with and even memorize the trio of Unforgivable curses and have extremely scary power, including the curse of death, the curse of torture. and domineering curse.

In Hogwarts Legacy, this group of 3 curses is also used by the player as a tool to win the game. Specifically, with the deadly curse – Avada Kedavra, you just need to point the magic wand at the opponent and the blue light emitted from the wand will destroy any creature you aim.


Crucio is one of the most powerful and painful spells known to the wizarding world. This curse will cause extreme pain that makes the person hit by the curse hard to bear. However, in the Hogwarts Legacy this curse is an attack that can stun the opponent.


Imperio is a curse that allows gamers to completely control the opponent according to their will, even though that person has a strong will and will be overpowered. In the Hogwarts Legacy, Imperio becomes a curse that can make enemies your allies for a certain amount of time.


3. Progeto – Defensive Charm

Unlike the above two spells, Progeto is more defensive than offensive. This is a very suitable spell to use when you are aggressively attacked by the opponent and pushed into a weak position. When using Progeto, the spell will create a barrier to protect the player from enemy attacks.

Besides, if you use the Progeto spell properly, you can also counterattack the opponent and temporarily stun the enemy.

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