Hogwarts Legacy plummeted in number of players, fans pointed out the reason soon

Hogwarts Legacy plummeted in number of players, fans pointed out the reason soon


2023-03-28 15:24:53

Hogwarts Legacy has dropped the number of players too quickly after only 2 months of launch and the community has pointed out the main reasons for this.

Hogwarts Legacy Right after its debut, it has proven itself to be the most impressive blockbuster in 2023, even knocking out a series of other heavyweights from the revenue chart. The effect that Hogwarts Legacy brings is no different from how Elden Ring did it in the first half of 2022.

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It seemed that this would be a game that could continue the success of Elden Ring But recently, the Hogwarts Legacy has received some sad statistics in the most recent week.

Since early access on February 7, Hogwarts Legacy has automatically become the highest-grossing game in the market, especially in the UK when this is the home of the famous Harry Potter blockbuster. Hogwarts Legacy even broke the sales record that has existed for the past 22 years.

However, now the top revenue position of this game has fallen into the hands of blockbuster wrestling WWE 2K23, when this game is the best-selling game product in the UK just last week right after being released. Released on March 17th.

Hogwarts Legacy plummets in number of players

The decline in revenue is not a problem, because the number of players of the Hogwarts Legacy also suddenly plummeted without braking. More specifically, compared to the previous month, the number of players of this game has decreased by 47.44%, as well as the highest number of players at a time on Steam only stopping at 98,833 in the last 24 hours.

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Compared to the huge number of 527,652 at the time of launch, what Hogwarts Legacy is showing is very alarming. Quickly, the problems of this game were quickly pointed out by the community, most notably that Hogwarts Legacy does not have too much content to hold gamers after completing all the content in the game. Although there are some interesting mods, it is still not enough for gamers to feel like returning to play Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy plummets in number of players

Of course, this is just a number calculated on Steam and the drop in player numbers on other platforms like Xbox or PlayStation is not so heavy. However, perhaps the developer also needs to add new content for Hogwarts Legacy through future updates so that this blockbuster has more opportunities to develop.

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