Honor of Kings – International Glorious King has been downloaded early, preparing to ‘battle’ on March 8

Honor of Kings – International Glorious King has been downloaded early, preparing to ‘battle’ on March 8


2023-03-08 12:10:38

Currently, Honor of Kings – International Glory is available on Android operating system. You can download and wait for the game’s release date.

As announced, Honor of Kings – International King of Glory will officially release the international version for the Brazilian market on March 8, 2023. This is something that players have been waiting for a long time. Although the game has just opened for the Brazilian region, it will not be long before the game will also expand to the global version. The game is now available on CH Play as well as allowing you to download APK files to your device.

The game officially opens after 2 days for pre-loading.

To download Honor of Kings internationally on CH Play, it is required that you have two email accounts as well as pre-installed the application to convert IP to Brazil (recommended is Kiwi VPN). Once the region has been successfully converted, you’ll see the game Honor of Kings internationally appear in the Google Play app store and can be downloaded quickly.

Download the game on the Google Play store.

The second option is that you can download the APK file and then update the data. Note while updating data you need to enable the region conversion to Brazil. Besides, iOS users also do the same for the App Store. When you access the app store, switch regions, you can download Tencent’s MOBA games to your device. The game will officially open in Brazil on March 8.

The global version of the popular Chinese game King of Glory was first announced last June. The game previously closed in alpha in July 2022, followed by a limited beta in August. The game also pre-registered in Brazil with the announcement that the rest of the region is also set to receive the game.

The game received the attention of many players.

The game received the attention of many players.

On February 8, the MOBA mobile game information appeared on two different app stores, attracting the attention of the gaming community. In the Galaxy Store and Apple App Store, Level Infinite’s Honor of Kings launch date was revealed with the announcement displayed on it. The global version may have to be in the second quarter, but the Brazilian region gets to get their hands on this game first.

Finally, Brazilian gamers can download the MOBA game that is considered the most popular available on both mobile and PC, and experience the epic team battle full of different characters, skins and unique gameplay. interesting.

Link: https://www.honorofkings.com/

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