How long will friendship in game and real life last?

How long will friendship in game and real life last?


2023-05-26 21:17:53

How long will friendship in game and real life last? This will be a topic that everyone who has close friends will cherish it.

This confession will be for my companions in my gaming journey. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of gaming with my best friends since middle school. We’ve gone on countless virtual adventures, shared fond memories, and built strong relationships.

Not only are my fellow gamers, but my group of friends have become dedicated companions in the virtual and real world. We have conquered tough challenges together, fought side by side in thrilling matches, and shared the joy of victory. Games have become a journey not only to practice skills, but also to create priceless memories.

Our friendship does not only exist in the virtual world, but also permeates everyday life. We talk together, share joys and difficulties in life. Virtual adventures have forged a special bond between us, and they have become an integral part of our lives.

The first games we played together marked an important turning point in our gaming journey. From the first day, when we first started exploring the world of gaming, to the years that followed, these games brought us together and created fond memories.

One of the first games we tried was “League of Legends”. We sat together, each with a phone, and faced each other in intense matches. The first few matches, despite a lot of failures, made us feel excited and want to devote more time to this game. From there, we formed a strong squad, honed our skills together, and became formidable opponents online.

In addition, we also explore the world of PUBG game. Together we team up, explore the land of battle, go on adventures full of adventure. Or jungle adventure games, from fighting bloodthirsty monsters to completing important quests, we have experienced countless challenges together. Those games helped us develop communication skills, create strategies, and create memorable memories.

The first games opened the way for us to explore more different genres and titles. We’ve played fighting games, action games, sports games and more. These games not only bring us joy but also create memorable memories in our lives.

As time passed, my friends and I had to have some private time for ourselves. Once, I accidentally gathered with familiar faces and sat down to think and discuss the games played. Then we decided to do all 5 PUBG games together in a very enjoyable way.

Knowing that after this meeting, there will be children who have to study abroad, work in an office for 8 hours, get married, get married, knowing when they can have time and full members sit together like now. hour. That’s why we made an appointment for a month so we could go to a cafe to play League of Legends or PUBG, thereby increasing our friendship and comradeship in the game.

This confession is a tribute and tribute to my dear companions who have built memories with me and gone through a memorable gaming journey. They are not just gamers, but precious friends in life. For me the game is not bad, the game will be wonderful and connected if we look at it in the most positive way.

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