How to Active Office 2019, activate the license forever

How to Active Office 2019, activate the license forever

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How to Active Office 2019, activating Office 2019 helps users to permanently use the applications included in Office 2019 such as Word, Excel, PowrtPoint,… Readers can activate Office 2019 with a license key or use use the code in CMD to activate

There is no doubt about the power of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, but now the features of these office applications are even better. If you’re using Office 2019 without a license, you probably won’t be able to access all the features the office suite has to offer, and you’ll often receive annoying activation notifications. In this article, will share with you how to Active Office 2019 for free, without a key and without using Active Office software introduced on the market.

How to Active Office 2019, activate the license forever

Instructions to activate Office 2019 for free

To do this successfully, you first need to disable Windows Defender Antivirus and the anti-virus software you are currently using. You do the following:

Step 1: Search Windows Security in Window Search and click on the corresponding result.

Step 2: Choose Virus & threat protection.

how to activate office 2019 full

Step 3: Below the item Virus & threat protection settingsyou click on the option Manage settings.

how to activate office 2019 without key

Step 4: Turn off options Real-time Protection.

How to activate office 2019 can't be activated?

You can re-enable Windows Defender Antivirus after successfully activating Office 2019. Next, follow the instructions below to activate Office 2019 without a product key.

=> Reference How to install Office 2019 here.

Step 1: After installing Office 2019, copy the code in the link below: hay HERE

Step 2: You right click on the desktop, select New > Text Document and paste the copied code there.

How to active office 2019 honor

Step 3: Next, you choose File > Save As… and save the file with the name Office2019.cmd.

how to activate office 2019 in dong lenh

Step 4: You close all open Office programs on your computer and right-click on the file Office2019.cmd just created and selected Run as administrator.

Step 5: Wait a moment and if you see the text Product activation sucessful appears, it means you have successfully activated Office 2019.

how to activate office 2019 64bit

Step 6: To check whether Office 2019 is active or not, open Word and select File > Account and will see the notification Produce Activated Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019. That means you are using Office 2019 copyright.

Once the product is activated, you can link your Outlook/Hotmail account for Office updates and OneDrive backups.
Thus, you have completed Active Office 2019, activating the permanent license of Microsoft’s latest office tool, refer to it for more information. How to Active Office 2016 here if you need it.

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