How to build Candace in Genshin Impact

How to build Candace in Genshin Impact


2022-09-22 08:05:02

Candace is a Genshin Impact character Water system support is about to be released in Sumeru 3.1. Here are Instructions on how to build Candace in Genshin Impact.

How to build Candace in Genshin Impact

Candace support

In the support lineup, Candace will focus on HP and ER – players need to put as much HP and ER as possible for Candace’s support position. Therefore, the best weapon for her is the Skyward Spine. In addition, players can use Favonius Lance, The Catch, even Black Tassel.

Weapons equipped for Candace in Genshin Impact

The best relic set for Candace is Noblesse Oblige x4 or Emblem Of Severed Fate x2 + Tenacity of the Millelith x2.

Try to get to 180% ER, then put everything else in HP. To unify Candace’s Burst, players need to reach a minimum ER level before they can focus more on HP. 180% mana recharge is easily obtained through secondary stats and weapons so the main %HP in all relics is possible.

Noblesse Oblige is the best option if you still don’t have Noblesse on your team.

Candace DPS

If for some reason you want to build Candace as a primary/secondary PDS and have enough resources to spare, it’s actually pretty simple. The best weapon for DPS Candace is Homa’s Scepter. Alternatively, the player can use Blackcliff Pole, Deathmatch or White Tassels.

The best relic set for DPS Candace is Heart of Depth x4 or Gladiator’s Finale x4. The best stats for DPS Candace are regular HP% / ATK% / CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG, plus a bit of flexibility because she can use both ATK and HP. Furthermore, the player may also want to add some ER to Genshin Impact Candace, as she needs energy to perform elemental explosions.

Ghost Staff in Genshin Impact

The best zodiac sign for Candace

Overall, since Candace is a 4-star character, players will have a chance to get her to C6. Candace’s life bow is quite weak, however, at levels C1 and C2 do not need to increase damage much.

Destiny in Genshin Impact

The best lineup for Candace in Genshin Impact

Candace’s Burst focuses on the support team because it buffs other characters, providing the ability to channel the element of Water, increasing elemental damage with normal attacks. Whenever a new character enters the battlefield, a wave will deal Water damage to nearby enemies.

Overall, Candace’s lineup is pretty limited, as her conduction can destroy reaction combos. Characters that deal main damage with an attack can often be assisted by Candace.

  • Suggestions for steaming squad: Candace + Ayato + Xiangling + Bennett
  • Suggested free play lineup: Candace + Xiangling + Sucrose + Barbara

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