How to build Lu Bo map, build Lu Bo jade board season 24

How to build Lu Bo map, build Lu Bo jade board season 24

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2023-03-18 23:08:00

What equipment will the strongest Lu Bu build season 24 include? Are the techniques of playing Lu Bu Lien Quan difficult or not? Let’s find out together!

Learn about General Lu Bo Lien Quan Mobile

Lu Bu was originally a gladiator general built based on a very famous character in the series called Tam Quoc Chi. Therefore, right from his debut, the general has won the attention of the Vietnamese gaming community. In response to that concern is Lu Bo’s almost perfect skill set with the ability to suck blood, close and attack directly to defeat all opponents who stand in his way.

At the same time, the general’s defense is also quite solid with a relatively good resistance. Therefore, with the outstanding strength of being able to both attack and defend as above, Lu Bo has become one of the top choices for the top and jungle positions because just turning on the War God move, the above general can Can sweep half of the enemy formation.

Brief about Lu Bu Lien Quan Mobile

Hero’s strengths and weaknesses


  • Can deal a huge amount of damage thanks to his powerful skill set and steady target control.
  • Possessing good recovery ability thanks to the ultimate, this is a great advantage for the general to freely gank to destroy the enemy.
  • The set of moves does not use energy, so Lu Bu can freely launch moves when the fight breaks out, no need to worry about the lack of energy.


  • The maximum amount of health is not much, so the champion is easily defeated in case of controlling the enemy team and taking a sufficient amount of damage from the opponent.
  • The skill set is oriented, so the leader of Lu Bo needs to know how to choose the right time to launch the most accurate move.
  • The amount of damage that the champion can create depends a lot on the basic attacks and attacks.

Insignia of Lu Bu

Insignia of Lu Bu Lien Quan
Insignia of Lu Bu Lien Quan

  • The main group of badges includes: Abyss of Chaos, Surf increases ST, Increases ST, Magic.
  • The subgroup of badges includes: Citadel of origin, Bao life, Ha increase ST.

The main effect of the above insignia is to help Lu Bu maximize the damage dealt by this general’s combo. The Magic Badge can help the champion use 2 combos continuously thanks to the increased cooldown reduction. In addition, the Bao life badge also helps the general increase the amount of blood needed in an emergency situation.

Lu Bu jade table

  • Ruby: 10 Physical ATK – Armor Piercing.
  • Sapphire: 10 Physical ATK – Armor Piercing.
  • Purple gem: 10 Physical ATK – Attack Speed.

Lu Bu Lien Quan jade table season 24
Lu Bu Lien Quan jade table season 24

How to increase spells and spells for champions

Order of skill increase for champions

Order of skill increase for Lu Bu
Order of skill increase for Lu Bu

Summoner Spells

In case the player wants to use general Lu Bu in the jungle, you need to use additional spells Punish. If you go to the top, you can use 1 of 2 summoner spells Express or Explosive. In addition, you can also add additional spells Healing to combine with Bao Destiny badge to help the general reduce the blood pressure somewhat.

Summoner Spells for Lu Bu LQ
Summoner Spells for Lu Bu LQ

Instructions on how to build the strongest Lu Bu in season 24

How to build Lu Bu to go to the jungle

The equipment to build Lu Bu in the jungle includes: Leviathan Ax, Tenacious Shoe, Longinus Spear, Sword Complex, Lava Shield, Armor.

How to build Lu Bu to go to the jungle
How to build Lu Bu to go to the jungle

With the above equipment, Lu Bu will have more endurance in the early game thanks to the armor stats increased by 2 equipment Leviathan Ax and Tenacious Boots. More specifically, most of the above equipment will help add a significant amount of health to the general, so Lu Bu will not need too much pressure with the weak point of paper blood.

Besides, in addition to defense, the champion can still maintain his damage thanks to 2 items of Sword Complex and Longinus Spear. Finally, with the jungle kit that can enhance both attack and defense as above, taking down Lu Bu Lien Quan will become more difficult than ever.

Lu Bu’s equipment to go to the top

The top Lu Bu builders include the following equipment: Tenacious Shoe, Spear of Longinus, Legendary Shield, Sword Complex, Order of Troy, Armor.

Lu Bu's equipment goes to the top
Lu Bu’s equipment to go to the top

The effect of the way on the map above is to help the champion can deal strong damage from the beginning of the game. Because the cooldown reduction is greatly increased, the champion can continuously deploy combos when approaching the enemy.

However, depending on the different situation of the game, players can still change the equipment to best suit. For example, if the enemy team has many champions that have the ability to heal quickly, you can still equip the Soul Seeker to limit the opponent’s recovery ability.

In addition, if your team major general supports the attack, you can also refer to the way to build Lu Bo below.

How to build Lu Bu Lien Quan to support and block
How to build Lu Bu Lien Quan to support and block

The equipment to build Lu Bu to support teammates includes: Tenacious Boots, Longinus Spear, Legendary Shield, Lava Shield, Order of Troy, Armor.

The most detailed way to play Lu Bu

Combo moves of General Lu Bo

Players should use skill 1 to actively rush up to the target and deal damage for the 1st time => Cast skill 2 => Use skill 1 for the 2nd time => Normal attack => Continue to launch skill 1 for the 3rd time => Use ultimate => Normal attack => Use skill 2 => Normal attack and use skill 1 to dash to finish the target.

Early game stage

In the early stages of the game, if you go to the lane, General Lu Bo needs to be very careful in farming soldiers and buying gold to buy equipment. Players should use the Red Rabbit skill (1) to force the enemy team’s lane and launch the Phuong Thien Strike (2) to farm soldiers as quickly as possible, paying attention to the enemy’s blood as soon as they have the opportunity.

Besides, you need to know that the Red Rabbit skill after using it 3 times will have the ability to knock up the target, so players need to pay attention when launching the skill to aim accurately. In case gamers want to play Lu Bu in the jungle position, try to clear monsters and minions to quickly rise to level 4, then move to the lane to support teammates.

Lu Bu players in the jungle after reaching level 4 can freely poke enemy champions or gank. However, if you have not reached level 4, you should limit your participation in ganking phases because with poor health, you will easily be put on the scoreboard by your opponent.

Mid-game and late-game

How to play Lu Bu LQ season 24
How to play Lu Bu LQ season 24

The middle of the game is when Lu Bo is strongest because the general has the necessary equipment. Therefore, you can use Lu Bu’s combos at this time to sweep the entire enemy squad to apply pressure. This is the best time for generalist Lu Bo to actively participate in teamfights to bring many advantages to the team.

At the end of the game, the player holding Lu Bo should choose a reasonable opportunity and position when the fight breaks out to rush in and destroy the main enemy generals such as magicians and gunners. You can use Red Rabbit to reach enemy champions more easily and then launch combos to put the target on the scoreboard. When the health is low, turn on the ultimate to continue to “weigh” the enemy team.

In an emergency situation, the player can also use move 1 (Red Rabbit) to escape quickly. Note that during the process of rushing into the enemy squad, you wait for the generals who control the enemy team to finish their skills and then fly in close, avoiding the situation that Lu Bo gets caught in control and will easily be defeated by enemy champions without paying tribute. give a lot to the team.

How to effectively counter General Lu Bu

To counter as well as reduce the power from the equipment on Lu Bu Lien Quan effectively, players can use champions with hard control such as Arrum, Aleister, Gildur to immobilize Lu Bu before he can launch a move or close to you.

In addition, you can use some more equipment to help reduce the recovery of the above general such as Soul Tracking Book, Soul Tracking Knife.

An effective general against Lu Bu
An effective general against Lu Bu

Above are all the shares about how to build Lu Bo Lien Quan to go to the jungle, top and strongest Lu Bo gem in season 24. Wish you will have a very successful season with the above general. Don’t forget to check out our other useful articles at Tin Hay Vip.

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