How to create a Google Slides slide link, add a link to Google Slides

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Similar to PowerPoint, Google Slides also has the ability to insert links to make presentations more professional. Create a Google Slides slide link to get documents and multimedia resources from the network for your presentation.

With the way insert Google Slides Slide link Users can click on the link to jump to another presentation slide or a certain Web page. The following article will guide you how to insert links, Slide links in Google Slides in the simplest way.

How to insert Slide link in Google Slides

Instructions for creating Slide links in Google Slides

1. Quick Guide

Open Google Slides with a browser on your computer =>Highlight the text you want to insert the link => Select insert link icon => Select link you want to insert.

2. Detailed instructions

Step 1: Proceed to Google login =>Open Google Slides on the Web browser. If you do not have a Google account, you can refer to how to register here.

Reference: How to create a Google account

Step 2: Here, highlight plagiarism want to insert link afterward press the link icon (or shortcut Ctrl + KY). If you don’t see the link icon you can choose Insert (Insert) =>Link (Link)

how to connect to google slides

Step 3: Now you can Find or paste the link you want to link into the box. You can insert another presentation slide created in Google Slides or paste the article link to create a link.

add a link to the google slides program

The resulting content created with a Slide link in Google Slides will have a different color and be underlined below, and when hovering, it will create a hint to access the link.

I'm going to connect to google slides

Besides, you can also refer to how to create a table of contents in Google Slides here to follow the presentation more easily as well as grasp the content of the presentation through the table of contents..
Reference: How to create a table of contents in Google Slides
So with just a few simple steps, you can insert Slide links into Google Slides easily. Good luck!

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