How to create your own TikTok background music, create your own sound on Tik Tok

How to create your own TikTok background music, create your own sound on Tik Tok

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Besides using the music and audio available on TikTok, users can also create TikTok background music according to their own preferences to match their videos. Refer to how to create TikTok background music in the article below so you can share your sound with other users.

TikTok is a video social network that is used and loved by many people today. In addition to watching videos posted on TikTok, users can also listen to music created by the person who posted the video. You can also create your own TikTok background music. create sound on TikTok so others can use it with you.

How to make video background music on TikTok

Instructions on how to make your own music on TikTok

Before entering the instructions, readers need to update or download the latest version of TikTok:
+ Download link TikTok for Android
+ Download link TikTok for iPhone

1. Make TikTok background music with voice recording

Step 1: Open the app TikTok => Select + symbol => Select next item upload.

how i make music on tiktok

Step 2: Select video want to post on TikTok => Select item Voiceover.

How do I make music on tiktok with mobile phones?

Step 3: Long press the recording icon to record a song or voice, then select save => Select next item Post videos to complete your own TikTok soundtrack.

how to make music on tiktok

Result: Next to the music disc image that appears your TikTok avatar, you have successfully created your own TikTok background music.

new song on tiktok

Besides, video recording TikTok filter hand blooming is also currently being used by many people and is a hot trend of TikTok. If you do not know how to record a video of a blooming hand, you can refer to the instructions in the article below to apply and then insert your own music into the video..

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2. Create TikTok Background Music with Capcut

Step 1: Download and install the latest Capcut version here:
+ Download link Capcuts for Android
+ Download link Capcuts for iPhone

Step 2: Open Capcut => Select New project to add videos

how to make tiktok goc song

Step 3: After having more videos => Select item Sound => Select the music you want to insert into the video.

I have a voice on tiktok

Step 4: Select up arrow icon upper right corner of the screen to save the video. After you have saved the video you can share to TikTok via Capcut.

I make music on tiktok

Step 5: Press Next to finish posting videos to TikTok with your own self-generated sound.

I'm happy on tiktok
Above are 2 ways to help readers create TikTok background music for themselves and for other users to use. Good luck.

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