How to download FiFa Mobile Korea latest version completely free

How to download FiFa Mobile Korea latest version completely free

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2023-01-13 04:44:01

Experience the feeling of becoming a professional football player, immersed in the top matches right on your mobile device.

FiFa Mobile Korea is a football game released by Nexon. The product has a beautiful player system and optimized stats. The game, which is considered a football game, meets the necessary and sufficient conditions for gamers to experience on their phones.

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How to download FiFa Mobile Korea

The product has a background with vivid graphics, meticulous in every detail from the player model to the pitch, creating a real feeling of life in the palm of the player’s hand.

Participating in the game, players will have to role-play as a genuine coach, build themselves a strong squad through forms such as making cards and money, receiving fifa codes, opening player cards … .and play different kick modes.

How to download FiFa Mobile Korea

It is known that FIFA Mobile is an officially licensed game of FIFA with copyrights of more than 36 professional football leagues, 350 clubs and more than 17,000 players.

The gameplay of the game remains the same traditional style as the PC version. Players will join and control the players to pass, shoot, steal the ball, score..etc.

How to download FiFa Mobile Korea

FiFa Mobile Nexon owns 2 game modes including normal mode and attack mode. In it, with the normal game mode, players will control their squad and compete for 90 minutes like a regular match, equivalent to 10 minutes in the game. You will receive many worthy rewards if you win.

For offensive game mode, gamers only have direct critical attack points. At the same time, the playing time will take place for 5 minutes. In particular, the attack situations in this mode will be completely different, given depending on the total score and the cohesion of the team.

How to download How to download FiFa Mobile Korea

Currently, the winter update of FiFa Mobile 22 with exciting activities is available on mobile platforms.

Download link FiFa Mobile Nexon: APK

Official fan page

Don’t forget to follow the information channels of Mot Game Mobile to update more interesting games!

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