How to find friends around here on the latest Zalo, search around feature

How to find friends around here on the latest Zalo, search around feature

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How to find friends around here on the latest Zalo will be detailed below by If you want to make friends with people around you, apply it to find and make friends with the right object, quickly.

This will help you:
– There is a link to download the latest Zalo
– Find friends around here and make many friends

After a long time of maintenance and upgrade, the feature to find friends around here on Zalo has returned with a new look. Instead of setting as a feature this is available as the old versions, now Zalo has switched the feature as a support utility, users need to activate to use. So how to set up, use the feature find friends on Zalo for Android or iPhone, please follow the detailed instructions in the following content.

How to find friends around here on Zalo phone

Find friends Zalo on your phone through the search around feature

The way to find friends Zalo on Android phones or iPhones is similar. So Taimienphi will only guide you to turn on the Find Around Here feature on the iPhone interface, making it easy for you to find friends on Zalo for active users and check-in around the user’s area.

To use the smoothest and most stable Find Around feature feature, please download the latest version of Zalo to your device.

– Download Zalo for Android: Zalo for Android
– Download Zalo for iOS: Zalo for iPhone

Step 1: Log in Log into your Zalo account as usual. On the bar search at the top of the screen, enter the keyword “Search around here” and tap the function Find around here in the list of suggested results.
In the function introduction window, click the . button Care about.

how to beat the heart around the day on zalo

Step 2: Immediately, the system will redirect you to a new working window. Here you click the . button Begin.
The system will ask for permission to share information, location, press Allow access to agree.

Find friends around via zalo on your phone

Step 3: Zalo will immediately display a list of nearby users that the system has located like the image below,

The users shown in this list are those who are also turn on Find Around to find friends on Zalo.

In addition, Zalo also provides users with information filters to find Zalo friends by purpose. In the main window of Find around hereyou click Looking for you. The filter consists of 2 parts:
Search object: Users search according to the settings they want.
+ Sex
+ Year old
Who can find you: Show your account only in certain people’s search lists.
+ Sex
Once done, press Update to save and make changes.

How do you find your heart around on Zalo?

If you can’t find it around here, you should pay attention to the location on your phone and check if you have granted permission to Zalo.

Finding friends around here on Zalo is not always easy to find the person you want, so you can refer to more ways to find Zalo friends by Facebook, QR code or phone number. Way find friends Zalo by Facebook or find friends on Zalo by scanning QR Code, etc. have certain advantages and disadvantages.

When you have found friends on Zalo, you can log in to Zalo, chat, text and video call on Zalo easily, of course, when you have not made friends on Zalo, you can still chat and text but can’t call yet. videos on Zalo like when making friends on Zalo successfully. However, synthesizing ways to find zalo friends is just one of the few ways to use Zalo that many users can learn. To get the best Zalo experience like surfing Facebook, ViberSkype, you can read and learn more Zalo tips introduced by

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