How to play Volkath and the strongest Volkath rune

How to play Volkath and the strongest Volkath rune


2023-03-31 01:43:01

Volkath, also known as the Dark Lord, is a gladiator who has a lot of obsession with paper-blooded generals. Here, let’s analyze the strength, how to build items, combo skills and how to play the strongest Volkath.

Learn about General Volkath Lien Quan Mobile

The reason why Volkath has the name Dark Lord is because this general has a set of skills containing a tremendous amount of power that can knock down any opponent. The main strength of that skill set is the ability that assassins can assassinate by damaging enemy champions.

Moreover, the general’s ability to dash during explosive combat is also great, when combined with the ultimate ability with strong immortality and recovery, Volkath has become an extremely worthy opponent. tough in any match.

General Volkath . summary

Volkath’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • The champion can close the opponent from a distance with skill 2, then combine with ability 1 to create a stun effect and deal large amounts of damage to the target.
  • The last move has the ability to remove all control from enemy champions, which is a great advantage for Volkath to freely sweep the enemy team. At the same time, even when dismounted, this move still helps the general to become immortal and not be defeated by any amount of damage coming from the enemy team.


  • The amount of available health is very weak, so the champion will easily evaporate if caught in control and stacked damage.
  • Players need to choose the exact time to get off the horse when launching the ultimate, absolutely do not get down too early because that way the immortality will not be able to fully develop. At the same time, if you get off the horse for too long, it will also make it easier for the champion to get on the scoreboard because it can be shocked when sitting on the horse.

Volkath insignia season 24

Below are the top 2 most accurate sets of Volkath badges we would like to introduce to readers.

The first is a set of spells, which will be the type of badges that support champions that can shock damage single targets very well.

  • The main badge branches include: Abyss of Chaos, Bloodthirsty, Strength, Magic spells.
  • Sub-branches include: Super healing, Holy Pearl.

Volkath insignia season 24 (1)
Volkath insignia season 24 (1)

The second set of badges we recommend you to use is the Duel badge. If you want to increase your champion’s dashing ability to reach the target easier and increase the strong healing ability, this type of badge will be extremely suitable.

  • The main badge branches include: Abyss of Chaos, Bloodthirsty, Strength, Fighting Qi.
  • Sub-branches include: Holy Pearl, Super Healer.

Volkath insignia (2)
Volkath insignia (2)

The strongest Volkath rune

To increase the amount of shock damage and movement speed of the champion, you can refer to the 2 sets of Volkath runes below.

  • Ruby: 5 Physical ATK – Armor Piercing and 5 Critical Rate.
  • Sapphire: 10 Physical ATK – Armor Piercing.
  • Purple gem: 10 Attack Speed ​​– Movement Speed.

Volkath Alliance Gem Board
Volkath Alliance Gem Board

In addition, you can also use the following set of jade tables if you feel that the above table is not suitable.

  • Ruby: 10 Physical ATK – Armor Piercing.
  • Sapphire: 10 Physical ATK – Armor Piercing.
  • Purple gem: 10 Physical Attacks – Movement Speed.

Volkath General Gem Table
Volkath general rune table season 24

How to increase skills and summoner spells for Volkath

Order of skill increase

Volkath . skill increase order
Volkath . skill increase order

Matching Spells

When holding generals Volkath in the jungle, the player is forced to carry summoner spells Punish to help champions eat monsters faster to quickly level up in power and if going solo, remember to use summoner spells Explosive to help the champion deal up to 16% of the target’s missing health.

Summoner Spell Volkath3
Summoner Spell Volkath

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How to build the strongest Volkath season 24

How to equip Volkath to go jungle with damage and durability

Includes equipment: Leviathan Ax, Tenacious Shoe, Longinus Spear, Sword Complex, Lava Shield, Armor.

How to build Volkath for jungle
How to build Volkath for jungle

These equipment will help Volkath have a sufficient amount of damage, and have a fairly durable resistance. More specifically, with the Leviathan Ax equipment, in the early stages of the game, the general can farm monsters quickly to get an advantage, equipping the Resilient Boots will support Volkath less affected by the controls.

In addition, the stats on health, cooldown reduction and physical attack will also be significantly increased by two equipment, Longinus Spear and Sword Complex. Finally, the equipment Lava Shield and Armor will help Volkath increase resistance when the fight breaks out because of the increased armor and maximum health.

How to build a Volkath jungle item that greatly increases damage

Includes equipment: Soul Pursuit, Enduring Shoe, Piercing Spear, Sword Complex, Fenrir’s Fang, Armor.

How to gear up for Volkath to go jungle with full lethality
How to gear up for Volkath to go jungle with full lethality

With the above map, general Volkath will be greatly increased the amount of damage, so he can easily defeat the main enemy generals in just 1 combo. However, players should note that the equipment below will make the champion’s maximum health and resistance lower, so if the enemy champion takes damage, the champion will easily get on the scoreboard.

How to play Volkath Lien Quan effectively

Basic combos

Volkath’s combo moves: Launch skill 2 on the target to dash closer to the enemy => Use skill 1 to deal damage and stun => Use ultimate combined with normal slash to accumulate passive, then time accurately to dismount and Use combo 2 and then use combo 1 to attack normally.

Early game stage

At the beginning of the game, the player holding the Volkath general should move from the area opposite to the dragon line, then after completing his jungle round, the player will proceed to close and gank the main gunner positions of the team. enemy. In addition, you also need to pay attention to control dragons from the beginning of the game to receive many great advantages.

Mid and late game

How to play Volkath season 24 Lien Quan Mobile
How to play Volkath season 24 Lien Quan Mobile

In the middle of the game, general Volkath will have a lot of power, so players should try to get forest resources and actively roam to participate in small skirmishes. This will contribute to psychological pressure on the enemy team and help you easily control the opposing team’s buildings and big targets like evil gods, dragons.

Towards the end of the game, gamers need to know the right time to rush in and turn on the ultimate to sweep the enemy team. Remember to get off the horse to get the advantage of immortality to take damage, support your teammates in the back line to attack the opposing team. If you have the opportunity, aim for the main enemy generals such as magicians and gunners to destroy them quickly.

Note that when using the ultimate, players when getting on a horse need to accumulate as much immortality as possible and properly time the horse to get immortality.

How to effectively counter General Volkath

To counter Volkath in the most effective way, players can use counter champions that are champions with hard control abilities such as Gildur, Alice, Aleister, Arum, Baldum, etc. These generals can help The player protects your teammates when Volkath and his steed come in.

Some champions effectively counter Volkath
Some champions effectively counter Volkath

In addition, the general also has a weakness when turning on the ultimate that will not be able to cross the terrain when using this ability. So you can take advantage of this to use high mobility champions like Keera, Tulen, Nakroth to fly in to kill.

Above is the entire way to play, how to build Volkath and the most powerful Volkath insignia and insignia in season 24. Hope this article will help you get more useful information about the above general, support you. had a season of the League of Legends with the most victories.

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