How to print in color in Word is very simple

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Color printing in Word will support color printers, when the text to be printed has a background color or other background image types that you have set up in Word. In Word allows users to change the background color of Word documents, or use other textures to decorate Word document pages. And in special cases you will need to print the background color in Word such as posters, flyers,… The following article will guide you to print colors in Word.

Instructions for setting up color printing in Word

Step 1:

At the interface in Word, click File section in the top left corner of the screen.

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The Display section in Word

Look at the content next to you to find Printing Options setting group then click on Print Background Colors and Images to print the document color in Word or the image background in Word.

Click OK to save this setting.

Turn on Print Background Colors and Images in Word

Instructions for setting the background color for Word


Step 1:

At the interface in Word, click Design tab and then select Page Color.

Choose background color in Word

Step 2:

You will then see a background color to choose from set background color for Word documents. You can also click More Colors to open more different background colors.

Background color in Word

Instructions for printing in color in Word

After you have selected the background in Word and set the color printing mode in Word, you will proceed to color printing in Word.

Step 1:

We press Ctrl + P . combination to switch to the print mode setting interface in Word. At this interface, the Settings section we click on Print All Pages to select the number of pages to print in color if necessary.


Select the number of pages to print in Word

Step 2:

Next you will choose one-sided printing or two-sided printing of Word documents.

Choose two-sided printing in Word

Then you choose to adjust the print paper size depending on the type of paper you are using and the alignment of the printed document.

Set the printer size in Word


Finally, you perform color printing in Word as usual. If an error occurs, you need to check whether the printer supports color printing, or if the printer has any errors.

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