How to quickly top up TikTok coins with phone cards, bank accounts, wallets

How to quickly top up TikTok coins with phone cards, bank accounts, wallets

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How to top up TikTok coins by phone card, bank account, simple MoMo wallet will be guided by in the following article. Those of you who want to top up TikTok coins to buy emoticons (emoji) to give to idols on TikTok to watch to top up easily.

Coin TikTok is a type of coin (virtual currency) used by users on the TikTok application to buy applications, financial support for other TikTokers when livestreaming. If you are a fan, love an idol, a hot TikToker and want to show your fan, you can top up coins on TikTok, convert to Emoji and express when they livestream on TikTok. Here are the ways to top up TikTok coins that you can do.

How to top up coins, top up TikTok with phone card, bank card, Momo wallet

1. How to top up TikTok coins on Android, IOS phones

Currently, TikTok supports users to top up coins in many different ways: top up via scratch card, top up via SMS, top up via phone card and top up via MoMo wallet. Specifically, the steps to be taken are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the TikTok app on your phone and log into your account. In case you have not downloaded and installed TikTok, you can download it by following the link below.
– Load TikTok for Android
– Load TikTok for iPhone

Step 2: At the homepage of TikTok, click “file” on the bottom navigation bar of the screen
Step 3: Click on the 3 dashes icon on the personal TikTok interface and then click “Settings and Privacy

How to get money on TikTok by phone

Step 4: Next, click on “Surplus” and press “load” to start topping up TikTok
Step 5: Select the coin denomination you want to load into TikTok according to the number of points corresponding to the amount on the screen

How to earn TikTok coins in MoMo

Step 6: Select payment method:

TH1: If you buy TikTok coins with a phone card, click to add a payment method of Viettel Telecom, follow the on-screen operations to add a payment method and order.

Nap coin TikTok Bang SMS

TH2: If you buy TikTok coins with a credit or debit card, click “more credit card, debit card“, enter card information, press “save” to add a payment method and press “buy with 1 tap” to buy coins.

Nap coin TikTok bang the high

TH3: If you buy coins with MoMo wallet, click “add MoMo e-wallet“, enter your phone number information, enter the authentication code, MoMo wallet password and follow the on-screen instructions to start linking the wallet and ordering coins.

Note: If you have linked payment methods with MoMo before, you just need to select the denomination, choose a payment method, and press buy without having to go through the linking steps above.

2. How to order TikTok coins on computer

In addition to the above buying method, you can also perform how to top up TikTok coins by logging into your TikTok account on your computer from a web browser and ordering coins according to your personal needs.

– Link to buy TikTok coins fast on computer browser

In general, the steps to buy TikTok coins on a computer are quite similar to that of a phone. The steps to log in to the link to buy coins, log in to your account, select the amount to deposit and order are similar to the instructions on the phone.

Above, shared with you how to quickly top up TikTok coins on phones and computers. Please refer, apply to own yourself a lot of coin points (coins) and express your love to TikTok idols!
Not only is an application that supports recording and sharing short videos, TikTok is also equipped with a messaging feature, allowing users to chat with people who are following you or you are following. If you do not know how to do it, the instructions in the article are shared How to send TikTok messages Our simplest will assist you.

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