How to register for Internet Banking Indovina, activate IVB Mobile Banking

How to register for Internet Banking Indovina, activate IVB Mobile Banking

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Using Internet Banking service has become very familiar to most people who have a bank account, including Indovina bank. If you own an account of this bank, you need to refer to how to register for Internet Banking Indovina online, directly at the counter to facilitate the process of using personal banking services.

Indovina Bank Limited (IVB) currently provides Internet Banking service with many utilities for customers, bringing the best experience during use. The following is How to register for Internet Banking Indovina that people who are using this bank need to know.

Register for Internet Banking Indovina bank online, directly

1. How to register for Internet Banking Indovina directly at the bank

– Register Place:

If you are using Indovina bank and want to register for Internet Banking, go to any Indovina bank branch nationwide. You can register for internet banking when opening an Indovina bank account at the transaction counter (Note, this banking system is not many, so most of them are concentrated in big cities).

– Documents to be prepared:

+ ID card/CCCD or passport with expiry date and Certificate of registration of e-banking services (according to the form prescribed by the bank);
+ If you do not have an account, and want to open an account and use Internet Banking, please add an application for opening a bank account.

– Steps to take:

+ You give the documents and tell the request to the teller.
+ The staff receive the request, process and notify the result as the Username and Password for you.
+ You download Indovina Internet Banking app and log in and use it.

2. Register for Internet Banking Indovina online

Instead of going directly to the counter, you can register to use the online e-banking service online.

– Access to IVB’s website at Click quick access HERE
– Select the plus icon – is an Online Registration service (as shown below)

how to sign up for internet banking in indovina

– Select “Register an account” => Select “Personal account

how to register ivb mobile banking

how to activate internet banking in indovina

– Next, you proceed to fill in personal information such as full name, date of birth, ID card / CCCD / passport, …

activating ivb mobile banking

After filling in, click “.Next“. The system will send a confirmation message to your registered phone number and account information.

– You use the information provided to log in to Internet Baking.

=> With this way of registering Indovina Internet Banking, you will save time, not having to go to branches or transaction offices.

3. Utilities and features of Internet Banking Indovina

* Applications

Internet Banking Indovina has many utilities such as: Confidentiality, safety; can be used 24/7 anytime, anywhere; save time and costs; easy to use, easy to follow,..

* Functions

– Account management, account information: View information about account numbers, transaction history, savings information, check account balances, revenue and expenditure statistics, …
– Money transfer: Transfer with the same bank or different banks, transfer money in batches, transfer money periodically, …
– Pay:
+ Paying credit cards, paying bills for electricity, water, school fees, air tickets,…
+ Pay phone bills, credit cards,…
– Send money online
– Card related services

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4. Some related questions

4.1. Conditions for using Internet Banking Indovina?

Currently, those who have opened an IVB bank account can completely use Internet Banking without any requirements on age, gender, etc. As long as users have needs, they can register to use it. this service.

4.2. After registering for Internet Banking Indovina, how long does it take to be used?

– After registering an account, the banking system will activate the service immediately. Users are provided with an account number and password to log in and use it.

4.3. Forgot Indovina Internet Banking password, what’s wrong?

– In this case, the user is calm to retrieve the account’s password.

Way 1: Bring your ID/CCCD to the transaction office/branch to ask the staff to re-issue the password.
Way 2: Do it right on Indovina Internet Banking app.

In the login section, you click “Forgot password” => Enter the login information,… => Click “Query“. The bank re-issues the password after authentication.

Like IVB, Viet Nga Joint Venture Bank (abbreviated VRB) also provides online banking services, providing a great user experience for individual and institutional customers. Readers can refer to the article sharing how to register for Internet Banking VRB to easily compare the utilities and internet banking service fees of these two banks.
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Here is a guide to How to register for Internet Banking Indovina that everyone can apply. The use of online services, especially banking services, will help people save a lot of time and effort, especially using them anytime, anywhere, ensuring quality, safety and security. security.

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