How to reroll in the game Rise of Eros

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2022-09-23 06:16:11

Rise of Eros It is one of the most popular mobile games today. Here are how to reroll when playing Rise of Eros.

Rise of Eros is a game with unique content, based on the power of the gods. Get ready to enter the field of mythical adventure in the surreal 3D world. Game character design inspired by mythical stories. They will take you into a world of AAA level graphics with many interesting backgrounds. If you want to know how to earn characters in Rise of Eros, please refer to the instructions below.

Game Rise of Reroll tells the story of the gods Aphrodite and Eros. The lust and conflict between these two gods led to a great war. Although Eros won the victory, because of his betrayal, he was sealed into the ancient ruins. From here, this world becomes godless, chaotic, fades away, and then sinks into oblivion.

But when a girl is trying to find a way to bring her boyfriend back, she accidentally breaks the seal and awakens Eros. Eros’ journey to find strength and previous memories begins here.

How to reroll in the game Rise of Eros

The steps here are quite simple. Articles playing games on LDPlayer 9 emulator. You just need to follow each step in the instructions. Skipping any steps could cause you to start the reroll process all over again.

First, you must create a guest account for the game Rise of Eros. You should not connect an EROLABS account at this stage.

Rise of Eros . playing account

  1. Follow the story line until you reach stage 2-2. The chance to earn rewards begins. They will help you reroll successfully.
  2. Now if you have received the expected characters, you can continue to play Rise of Eros or close the game.
  3. Next File Manager and find the folder com.pinkcore.heroes. This is not a file. You should search for files by this name.
  4. Copy the folder name.
  5. Rename the folder to find it easily.
  6. Then visit App Info of the game Rise of Eros.
  7. Enter Storage.
  8. Clear data and all caches.
  9. Come back File manager and rename this folder to its original name.
  10. Repeat steps 1 to 4.

Rise of Eros has many different stories

How to increase reroll efficiency in Rise of Eros game with LDPlayer

LDPlayer is not an option that you can use to reroll but also enhance the game experience. Some of the extra functions and features here are often used to take gameplay optimization to the next level. It makes the Rise of Eros reroll process easier by providing several copies of the game at the same time. Each copy is used to reroll Rise of Eros. Finally, they can be synced to the main emulator. As a result, you will save considerable time and have more opportunities to quickly reroll through copies created at the same time.

Here are step-by-step instructions:

1. Download LDPlay 9 for PC.

2. Install and open LD Store.

3. Find games Rise of Erosdownload & install it.

Rise of Eros on Android emulator

4. Next, don’t rush to open the game, instead, go to the LDMultiplayer option in the LDPlayer menu.

Select LDMultiplayer

Go to the first emulator, then make some copies from it. The number of copies depends on the storage capacity on the hard drive because each version uses resources from the PC. You should make a minimum of 4 copies.

Open all cloned emulators, then tap Synchronizer from the toolbar. Then you can sync data between emulators.

Open multiple game versions in LDPlayer emulator

Open all emulators that copied the game Rise of Eros and follow the reroll instructions above.

Above is How to reroll in the game Rise of Eros best and most effective. Hope the article is useful to you.

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