How to turn on and off VBS Windows 11, increase performance on the computer

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If you have upgraded to Windows 11 and feel that the performance of your computer has decreased quite a bit, it is likely that your computer is turning on VBS (Virtualization Based Security) – a feature that protects your computer. However, if you are someone who needs computer performance more than security or vice versa, you can choose to turn Windows 11 on and off to work with your computer most effectively.

VBS (Virtualization Based Security) This is a new security feature appearing on Windows 11. This feature is announced to run independently to help the machine prevent malicious software or malicious code from entering the computer extremely strongly. Accompanying that power is resource consumption and reduces the performance of the machine quite a lot. So you can optionally turn on or off VBS Windows 11 to suit your usage needs.

Instructions to turn on and off VBS on Windows 11

I. How to check if the computer is on VBS?

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + WILL.Afterward find and open software System Information.

how to bat vbs windows 11

Step 2: A new window appears. Friend Pull down find item Virtualization-Based Security. If the status is Running then VBS is on. Not enabled to be disabled.

how to bat vbs win11

II. Instructions to turn on and off VBS in Windows Security

Step 1:Find and open software Windows Security.

how to install vbs windows 11

Step 2: Go to Device Security => click Core isolation details in the section Core isolation.

how to install vbs windows 11

Step 3: In section Memory Integrity friend flip the switch luxurious Off to turn off and On to turn on.
– Attention: If there is a notification from the system, just click Yes to continue.

how to install vbs win11

III. Instructions to turn on and off VBS using Registry

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + CHEAP to open Run. Then enter regedit and press OK.

how to install vbs windows 11

Step 2: In the window Registry Editorfriend access follow the path below:

how to bat vbs windows 11 state Registry

Step 3: Right click => select new => DWORD (32-bit) Value.

how to beat vbs windows 11 in windows security

Step 4: Dname for the newly created file is EnableVirtualizationBasedSecurity.

guide bat vbs windows 11

Step 5: Open the file you just created. Enter the value 0 in the box Value then press OK.
Step 6: Restart the computer to apply the changes.

bat and tat vbs windows 11
With the Windows 11 VBS feature turned on you’ll experience the ultimate protection, while off it you’ll experience a better performance. Also if you want check IP address on Windows 11 When asked, or want to see your address, please refer to the article on the homepage.

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