How to turn on missed call notification Zalo

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The Zalo application will have Zalo missed call notifications for you to know, including missed call notifications on the phone. However, lately you have missed a lot of calls on Zalo, including voice calls on Zalo and Zalo video calls, but there is no missed call notification. If you encounter this situation, just check the settings to turn on Zalo missed call notifications and Zalo notifications on your phone. The following article will guide you to turn on Zalo missed call notifications.

How to turn on missed call notification Zalo

Step 1:

At the interface on Zalo you click anthropomorphic icon in the bottom corner. Next, switch to the new interface, click cog gear icon.

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Step 3:

Then you will see the Integration section with 2 call notification options on Zalo. We will need activate notifications for missed calls on Zalo calls from your phone and turn on Sync call information from your phoneif you want to call Zalo for regular calls.


Step 4:

After you turn on missed call notifications on Zalo, you need to check whether Zalo notifications are enabled on your phone or not. We access Install on your phone then tap Notifications section.

Notifications on the phone

Step 5:

You click App Notifications section and then need enable Zalo app notifications on the phone.


So when there is a missed call on Zalo, we will receive a notification on the screen so that we can call back if you miss the Zalo call.

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