How to turn Windows 11 into macOS

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Windows 11 is considered beautiful, more aesthetically pleasing than Windows 10. However, not everyone likes the new things that Windows 11 brings. If you have already upgraded to Windows 11 but do not like its interface and do not want to return to Windows 10, you can try the customization below.

Customizing the interface, also known as custom interface, is not as popular as before. However, it is still very useful in case you want to refresh your computer. In this article, will show you how to customize the Windows 11 interface to become macOS.

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The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Create a system restore point

You need to do this step so you can quickly roll back to Windows 11 if you don’t like the macOS interface you’re about to install. Refer to more about how to create and restore Windows system in the following article:

  • Instructions on how to use System Restore on Windows

Step 2: Download SecureUxTheme

You access the link pinned above then download the tool ThemeTool.exe. Next you need to copy this tool to the C drive and run it as Administrator. You tick two options HookSystemSettings and Hook LogonUI then press Install.

After finishing the installation process, click confirm to restart the device.

Step 3: Download and install the theme LIT3 and BIB3

You continue to visit the link pinned above to download the 2 themes needed for the installation process, LIT3 and BIB3. After downloading, proceed to extract the 2 themes and then access the Windows theme folders, copy the theme files for macOS into C:WindowsResourcesThemes. Watch the video below to better understand the process.

After copying is complete, you continue to open the file ThemeTool.exe then click on the names of the files you just copied in the left hand box then press Patch. After Patch When you’re done, click LIT3 Mac to select then press Apply. You wait a while for the theme to apply to the system.


Step 4: Download the interface customization file of Tech Rife

This is a custom Tech Rife file that you extract after downloading. First, open the folder numbered 1 and then open the 7TSP GUI.exe file with Administrator rights. In the interface of the tool, select Ad custome pack, then navigate to the folder numbered 1 in the downloaded file and select 7tsp Big Sur LightMode. Click Start Patching and then wait for the tool to finish its job. After restarting your computer, you will see that the folder and drive icons have switched to macOS.

Step 5: You download and run StartAllBack then configure as shown in the video

Step 6: Move the window control to the left and adjust the mouse pointer

In this section, please note to open Run, type shell:startup to put files Leftsiders into the folder containing the programs that start with Windows.

From this step onwards, you just need to follow the instructions in the video below:

Video of the process of customizing the Windows 11 interface to become macOS:


Good luck!

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