Hundreds of gamers are eager to register, what’s hot about Tinh Kiem Caster that makes the MMO community boil?

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2022-09-22 22:25:58

Hundreds of beautiful boys and girls eagerly invite each other to participate in the “Love Sword Caster” contest, who participate because of their passion, who are determined to win the top prize for the roof.

  • The community is waiting for the ability to transform into a super cool Hero of “swordsmen”
  • It turns out that this is the secret to helping Tinh Kiem 3D check-in “all over the world”
  • Gamers seek to prove that Love Sword 3D is present in the “multiverse”
  • Love Sword 3D reveals a new event only for couples who “go forward”
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    In the last days, the contest “Love Sword Caster” continues to receive a lot of entries sent to the Tinh Kiem 3D group – Giang Ho Hoi. This is a contest with a completely new format, but it cannot be difficult for hardcore fans of Tinh Kiem 3D. Players of Tinh Kiem 3D have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the game through the commentary of each match as well as the eloquence of a true commentator.

    The contest attracts a lot of beautiful boys and girls to participate.

    Players just need to record a video commenting on an in-game match or daily PK activities and post in the Tinh Kiem 3D – Giang Ho Hoi group with information such as:

    – Character’s name.

    – Servers.

    – FunID.

    – The title of the entry and the basic introduction.

    – Contest hashtag: #tinhkiem3d #CasterTK3D.

    Competition with a lot of attractive technology rewards for gamers.

    Looking at the huge number of gifts in the events, we can see the willingness to play and please gamers of Tinh Kiem 3D. Even at this Love Sword Caster contest, the rules of participation are very easy, but the total value of the gift is more than tens of millions of dong. Contestants who reach TOP can both receive ingame gifts to increase their character’s strength and receive extremely good technology gifts to play the game:

    • TOP 1: Micro Kingston HyperX QuadCast S RGB, Souvenir trophy, ingame gift includes: lv6 x1 Soul Wings Pick Box, 2 x10 Spirit-High Fragments Pick Box, lv6 x1 Spirits Pick Box, Holy Star Rising Pieces animal x300
    • TOP 2: Logitech G Pro X headset, ingame gift includes: lv5 x1 Wings Soul Pick-up Box, 2 x10 Spirit-High-Spirit Fragments Pick Box, lv5 x1 Spirit Flower Choice Box, x250 Holy Beast Star Booster Piece x250
    • TOP 3: Logitech Mechanical Gaming G413 SE Keyboard, Logitech G402 Hyperion Mouse, ingame gifts include: lv5 x1 soul pick box, 2 x7 Spirit-High Fragments selection box, lv5 x7 soul shard buffet box, shards increase holy beast star x200
    • TOP 4 – 10: Out-game gifts (Standee, U-Pillow, Mask: One or more gifts depending on the quantity), in-game gifts include: lv5 x1 soul wing buffet box, Spirit-High 2 sliver buffet box x5, lv5 x5 soul flower shards selection box, holy beast star riser shards x100
    • Impressive prize: lv5 x1 soul pick box, lv5 x1 spirit flower pick box
    The highest number of entries reached the award milestone.

    In addition to the rewards for high-winning videos, the contest also has a milestone award for all contestants. Up to now, the number of participating videos has far exceeded the highest mark set by the contest. So each gamer participating in the Love Sword Caster contest will receive ingame rewards including: lvl5 x3 Soul Fragment Box, Primary Spirit Dance x50, lv5 x5 Gem Box.

    All entries received enthusiastic support from the community

    The contest “Love Sword Caster” is still going on actively in the Tinh Kiem 3D group – Giang Ho Hoi to find the most “dismissed” commentators. The time for gamers to participate in posting contests and calling for votes is until 10:00 on September 22, 2022. Quickly submit your entries to the group for a chance to win attractive gifts or vote for your favorite images.

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