Huyen Su King Dinh is the lowest-grossing work in history

Huyen Su King Dinh is the lowest-grossing work in history


2022-11-29 05:10:56

After 5 days of “struggle” outside the cinema, the historical film called Huyen Su King Dinh only earned 39 million compared to the budget of 8 billion VND.

Huyen Su King Dinh – Vietnamese historical film has just reached the top of low-grossing works of Vietnamese cinema, the film only earned 39 million VND after 5 days of release. This achievement officially turns the film into the lowest-grossing film in the history of Vietnamese screens.

Referring to the reasons for the film’s failure, the film’s director – Anthony Vo said the work confronts a series of large and small foreign films that are vying for position in theaters. In addition, theaters do not create conditions and support for movies to have good showings:

“At this time, everyone is focused on watching the World Cup. Audiences also rarely buy tickets to the cinema. Moreover, from the very beginning, the cinema system did not support it. They schedule the movie to show only one show a day at 8am or 11pm. Those who love history and want to go to the cinema to watch movies do not have the opportunity to enjoy. I’m sad that the cinema system treats Vietnamese movies like that.”

It seems that Anthony Vo is still “thrilling” and thinks that the film’s “lowest ever” revenue is due to the World Cup, not realizing his own mistake. Who knows, maybe after Huyen Su King Dinh, we will see another historical “super product” of Anthony Vo?

Director Huyen Su King Dinh: Win to be king, lose due to World Cup

In addition, one thing that makes it difficult for fans to understand is that the production budget of the film is up to 8 billion, I don’t know how it was used when Huyen Su King Dinh was a work with all unknown actors. , the background is poor, the plot is unattractive and the makeup is inferior to the troupes.

The failure of Huyen Su King Dinh and movies like “Virus Madness” or “Chu Lao Zombie” recently will certainly be a memorable lesson for filmmakers who despise the audience when bringing their works. poor quality in theaters.

“The Legend of King Dinh is a new perspective describing the story of Dinh Bo Linh who defeated the 12 warlords and unified the country.

Beginning with Dinh Bo Linh quelling the internal turmoil and stabilizing the family, the film tells the process of King Dinh in turn making alliances, recruiting or destroying other warlords. Throughout the film, there are clever battles, brave battles, thrilling intrigues and unexpected ambushes that describe the difficulty of Dinh Bo Linh in the process of quelling the 12 warlords, thereby portraying a king. full of talent and cunning. Interspersed in the film is a story about sacred motherhood, with a bit of fantasy that will add to the appeal of the film.”

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