If MSI is canceled, T1 will set a record of “crying and laughing” before LPL

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2022-09-23 06:30:27

Not every tournament, the legendary T1 of the LCK also dominates before the opponents.

Recently, Chinese media shared an interview with Riot Games Vice President, Marc Merrill. There, coming, MSI, one of the two biggest tournaments in the world of League of Legends, will be canceled. Instead, Riot Games is about to launch a new playground, the size of Worlds.

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    If MSI is canceled, T1 will set a record of "crying and laughing" before LPL

    If the above comes true, 2022 will become the last year fans see the teams competing for the MSI throne. More importantly, RNG also became the “last king” at this playground. In addition, the record of 3 championships from the LPL representative saves the history books with the label of “unprecedented achievement”.

    Besides, T1 also has a “unique” mark in MSI’s 8-year journey. Specifically, the LCK representative opened the era for the runners-up and it was the team that closed this anecdote.

    In 2015, MSI was held for the first time in the US, Faker and his teammates lost to EDG in the Finals. Accordingly, an LCK representative fell to the big LPL, and lost the international title.

    And long after, MSI 2022, the old story repeats itself. This time, T1 is highly rated for the championship. However, in the end, the team failed to meet RNG in the Finals. The legend of Korean League of Legends let his rival neighbor knock him down.

    If MSI is canceled, T1 will set a record of "crying and laughing" before LPL

    If MSI is canceled, T1 will set a record of "crying and laughing" before LPL

    Accordingly, RNG reclaimed all debts before T1, and continued to help LPL win the LCK. Then, MSI also became the place where Faker and the team fell most times before the Chinese LoL world. Unfortunately, after all, if MSI is canceled, T1 will never have the opportunity to repay this debt.

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